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7 Holy Grail Body Care Products That Will Majorly Up Your Below-The-Neck Glow Game

7 Holy Grail Body Care Products That Will Majorly Up Your Below-The-Neck Glow Game

In the past, body lotions and scrubs have been pretty basic. Hydrating (always), exfoliating (with various degrees of success), but for the most part, not exactly sophisticated or particularly active in their ingredients and formula. 

Fast forward to today, we’re seeing hoards of big-name beauty brands dip their toes in the body care sphere. After all, things like wrinkles, sagging, peels, and dark spots aren’t just regulated to our face. So we figured, why not round up a few newbie (and fuss-worthy) body creams, scrubs, tonics, and oils that will have you looking fresh, bright, and glisten-y from the chin down. 

Body Care’s Finally Having A Moment & These Are The Must-Try’s

The One With Rave Reviews

Minimalist does it again with a new skincare cocktail that not only understood the assignment but over-excelled. It has thousands of rave reviews. Formulated with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and tranexamic, this fragrance-free tonic gently exfoliates the skin while clearing up congested pores to help put a halt to pesky bumps and ingrown hairs. 

Rock An Otherworldly Glow

Prefer clean formulas? This exfoliating serum is the one to call on. Smart Renewal contains a naturally-derived, dairy-free version of lactic acid to help your skin shed its outermost layer of dead cells, while probiotics offer a visibly smoother texture. The result? Increased cell turnover, smoother texture, and an all-around healthy glow.

Buh-Bye, Dull Skin!

A body scrub that’s worth ALL of your coins…this 3-in-1 treatment works as a scrub, peel, and mask with the most delicious mix of skin-renewing and revitalising ingredients like rosemary honey, sugar, and salt crystals that give spa-fresh results with ultra-smooth buffing.

Way To Glow!

This face & body brightening oil swiftly quenches the thirst of the dehydrated and impaired skin and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth and slushy. It is a mixture of incredible moisturising and skin-illuminating natural ingredients for up-to-date skincare. The concoction of nutrient-rich natural oils pervades the skin to nourish it from within leaving it with an uncharted glow.

Golden-Hour Filter For Your Bod

This body oil mimics a BB cream for the body. It highlights the skin with a subtle shimmer that we love. All we can say is this product will make your body look really good. The formula is filled with itty-bitty golden flecks that make your skin look like it’s perpetually covered in a golden-hour filter. 

For Velvet-Soft Skin

Sol De Janeiro is all about the face-to-toe skincare philosophy – incorporating a few facial ingredients we know you love into this rich and cushiony body cream for all-over skin plumpness and smoothness. Its star ingredient includes cacao oil, a great retinol alternative, which promotes collagen production and brings some youthful bounce, too.

To Glow Like JLo

Forest Essentials recently expanded their body care range to include this beautiful, fragrant body lotion designed to combat dull, dry, and uneven skin texture. Despite its airy feel, it still offers top-tier hydration due to its blend of nourishing oils and we’re fans of this OG offering, which features notes of mashobra honey and vanilla. 

It’s time to up your glow game!

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15 Jun 2022

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