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Dry Skin? These 11 Body Massage Oils Are The Only Moisturising Saviors You Need!

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Mar 25, 2019
Dry Skin? These 11 Body Massage Oils Are The Only Moisturising Saviors You Need!


There is nothing more you would want to do after a hectic day than put your feet up and relax. And what could be better than a soothing massage to unwind! All the stress that you’ve unknowingly accumulated over the weeks and months can be relieved, all thanks to a relaxing massage. As you gear up to get rid of those knots in your neck and discomfort in your back, read on to find out the best body massage oils there are. We’ve also listed down the lesser-known benefits of a good body massage. 

Types Of Body Massage Oils
Best Body Massage Oil     

When it comes to a comforting body massage, just any run-of-the-mill oil won’t make the cut. But don’t you worry! Most of the best body massage oils on this list can be sourced easily and some are even available in the confines of your home.

Types Of Body Massage Oils


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1. Olive Oil

A vital part of the Mediterranean culture, olive oil is a great option for moisturizing your skin and keeping it smooth. The greasy oil’s properties aren’t limited to just this; one of its major superpowers is helping you get rid of the ache in your strained muscles. Improving blood circulation in your body, benefits of body massage using olive oil include an elevation in blood circulation to give you healthy skin whilst also providing relevant nutrients to your cells. 


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2. Lavender Oil

Another one of the best body massage oils, lavender oil adds to the plethora of benefits of body massage. Applying lavender oil on an affected body part can help get rid of the pain, be it a dull ache or a sprain. Additionally, lavender body massage oil also aids in treating skin issues like wrinkles and acne. One of the best body massage oils, it is used extensively in healing cuts, scars and getting rid of flaky or dry skin. 


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3. Coconut Oil

Light, non-greasy and good for the skin, coconut oil is one massage oil that you will always find in your kitchen. Not only is it rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants which benefit the skin, but it is also known to form a layer which doesn’t let moisture escape, hence making your skin supple. Basically a natural moisturizer, it possesses excellent anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. If your hectic work schedule is stopping you from booking a spa session, give yourself a short break to indulge in the benefits of body massage at home, using coconut oil. 


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4. Sweet Almond Oil

Worried about the sun hurting your skin? You can relax now, for almond oil is a natural sunscreen! One of the several benefits of body massage using almond oil is that it prevents skin damage caused by the sun. Apart from this, it is also used as a preventive measure against tanning, whilst working to hydrate your skin and keep itching and skin problems at bay. As for sore muscles and mild pain, the all-rounder works its charm to relieve you of them too. 


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5. Grapeseed Oil

Let’s just begin by saying that grapeseed oil is known to house a number of beneficial properties. From being an odorless liquid to being one of the lighter oils, it helps your skin achieve the apt level of moisturization whilst keeping you comfortable. And what’s more, you can mix it with other oils and gain from the benefit of not one, but two essential oils at the same time. Complete with antibacterial properties, grapeseed oil is loaded with Vitamin E, linoleic acid, and other nutrients that help to keep your skin nourished. 


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6. Argan Oil

On the list of body massage oils also lies argan oil, known for expanding the elasticity of your skin and making it extremely supple. If you want to go organic and ditch anti-aging products, all you need to rely on is this body massage oil which has a number of anti-ageing properties, which include preventing your skin from sagging and formation of wrinkles. Also important to note are its hydration properties that help keep your skin healthy. Argan oil is also used as a natural painkiller to ease joints, aching muscles and stress knots. 


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7. Sesame Oil

Regarded as an ayurvedic body massage oil, sesame oil is often mixed with herbs and then used as a massage oil. The list of its many benefits goes on; it protects your skin against the sun and UV rays, it removes tan and sun damage such as fine lines and pigmentations, provides strength to your muscles and ligaments, relieving the accumulated stress in them whilst also nourishing your bones. Not to forget that sesame oil improves your blood circulation, resulting in glowing skin that is healthy from the inside. 


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8. Avocado Oil

First things first. Avocado oil is known to contain significant amounts of natural latex, which you should avoid in case you happen to be allergic. Coming to the benefits of one of the best body massage oils, avocado oil is light and non-greasy, giving you a comfortable option for a body massage without having to worry about the grease and stains. It rejuvenates your skin and provides it with a number of vitamins and essentials, which is why an avocado oil body massage should be on the top of your list. 


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9. Jojoba Oil

Did you know that jojoba oil is actually a kind of wax? Yes, you heard that right! Derived from the seeds of the jojoba plant, jojoba oil may be popularly known as oil but is in fact not. This trivia aside, jojoba oil comes equipped with antibacterial properties, making it useful for anyone who has been bothered by eczema, acne or skin allergies. Light and absorbed quickly by the skin, it’s used abundantly for body massages. 


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10. Cocoa Butter

Also known as theobroma oil, cocoa butter is a natural oil extracted from the cocoa bean and used in chocolates. But wait, for you must know it is also used excessively as a body massage oil. Thanks to its super hydrating (and aromatic properties, may we add) cocoa butter is used abundantly in lipsticks, lip glosses and body lotions. From healing your chapped lips and getting rid of dry skin to soothing burns and mouth sores, cocoa butter is a true blue saviour. 


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11. Pomegranate Seed Oil

If a deep tissue massage is what you have in mind, the mildly aromatic pomegranate seed oil should be your pick. The benefits of body massage are many, and they are only enhanced by this massage oil. Indulge in the pomegranate seed oil for hydrating and tightening your skin naturally, and also preventing wrinkles and ageing issues at the same time. 

Benefits Of Body Massage

The benefits of body massage oils are just too many, but we tried to list the top few for you. Take a look!

1. One of the main benefits of a body massage is that it reduces stress. The knots at the nape of your neck and the stress accumulated in the shoulder area can only be helped by indulging in a body massage. 

2. The entire process relaxes you, loosening your muscles and improving blood circulation, which in turn allows the blood to flow freely to your entire body, including areas which might earlier have been neglected.

3. If you happen to suffer from chronic back pain or neck pain, a massage, along with exercise will prove beneficial in the long run. 

4. A body massage also helps you get rid of the dead skin which may have gone unnoticed, also moisturizing your body and giving your skin a smooth, supple touch. 

5. Believe it or not, a relaxing massage helps you leave the stress of the body behind and hence aids you in sleeping better!

6. Body massages are also known to help the release of endorphins in the body, keeping anxiety at bay. 

7. Another one of the benefits of body massage is its ability to loosen your tight muscles and hence making your body more flexible. 

Best Body Massage Oil 

Now that you know all there is about body massage and its benefits, go through our curated list of oils to find out the best body massage oils from various brands. 


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