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Stylish Blouse Back Designs for 2021

50 Sexy & Trendy Blouse Back Design Ideas For 2021

Looking for bridal lehenga blouse designs? Whether you’re a bride or a wedding guest, the one thing every woman is most excited AND stressed about when shaadi season comes ‘round is her outfits. And even though there is so much to be pumped about like gorging on food and dancing till the break of dawn, for instance, none of that matters if your outfit is not up to par, does it? You and I both know, when you attend a big fat Indian wedding, all eyes are on you. Which is why you want to look and feel, your best.

From the very basic to extreme glam, we’ve fetched more than 100 blouse designs that you’ll go gaga over. Be it for a simple saree, bridesmaid lehenga or a bridal lehenga, these blouse designs are the perfect inspiration you need. While you may have already sifted through various neckline designs and chosen what you want, we bring you some style inspiration for that ‘sexy back’!

Whether it is that ‘kareena wala lehenga’ or a Shilpa Shetty-style saree a great desi look makes the band baaja baraat experience that much better.

For those who love sarees, you know that the saree blouse design matters just as much as those high in trend new saree designs, don’t you? Especially the saree blouse back design. And when it comes to the blause back design, the process of choosing the design is definitely not simple. We know you don’t want the blouse back design of your shaadi wali saree to be ‘blah’, and don’t you worry, we won’t let it be.

Keep scrolling to know everything about saree blouse back designs, the designers who make the best ones, and how you can make sure your back looks sexy too.

Blause Back Neck Designs

Bra for Backless Blouse Designs

Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs for 2021

1. Deep And Wide U Blouse Back Design

deep u shaped blouse back neck design

Image source: Instagram

No matter what type of saree you wear, this deep-back neck blouse design will go with it. With a deep, and wide, U-shaped cut, the strap of the blouse is slim. Isn’t this saree blause back design just the perfect balance of sexy and traditional? Secure it with either buttons or hooks, and you could also add a tasseled dori at the back for a more festive look.

2. Sheer Underlay With Embroidery Back Neck Blause Design

sheer embroidered back design for blouse

Image source: Instagram

For those of you who love embellishment, embroidery, AND revealing backs, this one hits the spot. With a soft square cut-out and a sheer underlay, it includes both elements with ease. This feminine ivory-embroidered floral and bird motif patch is breathtaking; a perfect sheer high neck blouse design to wear to reception or any other formal Indian event.

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3. Sleek Straps Back Design

sleek straps blause back design

Image source: Instagram

If you want something simple but not boring, this sleek saree blouse back design on Janhvi Kapoor is tailor-made for you. With slim shoulder straps and an ultra-deep back, this blouse back is enough to make a loud statement at any wedding function you’re attending, this season. Pick a sheer saree with this design so that it doesn’t hide the back of a blouse.

4. Tie Me Up Back Blouse Design 

tie up saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

We love this back blouse design! For days when you are bored of low-cut blouses, this is the perfect alternative. Instead of buttons or hooks, this blouse design consists of tiny ribbons that are meant to be self-tied into delicate bows. Plus, it leaves a small column in the middle that shows off just the right amount of skin.

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5. Button-Up Back Design for Blause

button up back design for blouse

Image source: Instagram

A fully covered blouse does not necessarily have to be a boring one. A button-up saree blouse back design is super chic and looks beautiful with formal and luxe materials like as banarasi or chanderi. To show off the buttons in the back, we recommend wearing your saree pallu in the front.

6. Embroidered Blause With Hut-Shaped Cut-Out Back

hut cutout blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

This is one unique saree blouse back design, isn’t it? The shape of the cut-out is one that we all know too well. If you’re looking to get a similar blouse back design, make sure you keep the heavy, and intricate, embroidery in mind. A smaller cut-out always looks better with delicate embellishment around it.

Boat Neck Blouse Designing

7. Fringe And Self-Tie Back Design for Blouse 


Image source: Instagram

No buttons, no hooks, this saree blouse back design has a self-tie dori, which is the only thing that’s securing it. Not only does the dori secure the blouse, but it also adds a flirty detail to the saree blouse back. Our favourite part, of course, is the panel of fringe on the top of the blouse back. Again, show off this saree blouse back design with a reverse pallu or a wide-pinned one.

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8. Double-V Back Neck Design

double v back neck design for blouse

Image source: Instagram

This saree blouse back design creates a deep V-back and an inverted V at the top. The point where the dori is tied is where the two Vs meet. This blouse back works beautifully for all kinds of sarees and saree drapes. With one tasseled dori at the top and another one in the middle to secure the blouse, your outfit will always have an element of desi playfulness.

9. Leafy Trim Sexy Back Blouse Design 

leafy blouse back design idea

Image source: Instagram

Who said you couldn’t get in touch with nature at a wedding! This delicate, Victorian-inspired saree blouse back design is made out of lace and has a triangular-shaped cut-out that reveals your back. Plus, the leafy border around the cut-out and the floral lace border on the hemline is what makes this one a sure shot showstopper.

10. Jaali Back Design 

sexy jaali back design

Image source: Instagram

Your traditional saree blouses definitely need an intricate and creative back like this one! A saree blouse back design like this looks tough to create, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. All you have to do is buy a separate jaali fabric for the teardrop-shaped patch in the middle. The patch is then attached to your blouse back from underneath, and voilà!

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11. Harness Blouse


Image source: Instagram

Give off Lara Croft Tomb Raider vibes with this harness-style saree blouse back design. If you have been putting in a lot of effort to tone up that body, give this sexy back blouse design a shot. But, remember to wear it with a saree that is just as sleek. Pick one with a light fabric, and make sure it’s fairly simple and plain to draw the attention to that back.

12. The Brooch Back Design

elegant brooch back design

Image source: Instagram

We are crazy about this saree blouse back design! And the reason is obvious; the embellished brooch strategically placed at the V of the deep back blouse. As you can see, this detail looks stunning on a lace blouse. You could even add this brooch-detail to silk saree blouses or georgette saree blouses, and they’ll look just as stunning.

13. Sheer Floral Back Design

sheer floral embroidered blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

For the quirky shaadi guest or bride, this saree blouse back design is an ideal choice. Sequin shoulder straps that are attached to a completely sheer back panel with bright floral embroidery is what makes this blouse design bold yet super stylish.

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14. Lotus Love Back Side Designs

Cute flower cutout back design blause

Image source: Instagram

This pretty embroidery-detail blouse is one of our favourite traditional saree blouse back designs. Look at that lovely lotus motif! With an ornamental cut-out outlined with intricate embroidery, and smaller motifs scattered across the back, this blouse back is just the right amount of drama you need in your Indian outfit, isn’t it?

15. Round Cut-Out With Bow Design

round with bow back design

Image source: Instagram

Looking for bow blouse designs for your bridal lehenga? If your saree blouse design features heavy embroidery or embellishment, this saree blouse back design is for you. This blouse back has two closures. One is a hook that secures the round shape from the bottom, the other is the bold satin bow itself. And, we have to say, we love that this design is pretty, and easy-to-wear. You can find tonnes of bow blouse designs for bridal lehenga on the internet to steal inspiration from.

16. Criss-Cross Straps Back Side Design

criss cross straps blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Exude an edgy vibe in your saree blouse back design with this unique number with criss-cross straps. As is with most backless blouses, you should either get a blouse with a provision for cups or wear stick-on cups if your blouse isn’t too deep in the front.

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17. Blouse Back Side Design with Double Dori 

double dori blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

A popular saree blouse back design, the double-dori style is a classic. This is a typical Rajasthani-style blouse back design – no fabric covering the back except for the extreme sides, and secured with delicate strings or what we call doris.

18. Slit With Bow Design

slit with bows blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Not a fan of big cut-outs? A slit is the way to go then! Incorporate a slim slit into your saree blouse back design like this one. The flirtatious satin bow on the bottom will give it that extra oomph your blouse needs. Pretty, isn’t it? P.S. You can drape your saree any way you want with this blouse design.

19. Fishnet Mesh Back Design

fishnet mesh blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Not just your pantyhose, you can wear fishnet on your back too. The loose fishnet-mesh pattern is one of the latest blouse back designs we have come across, this year. This back looks best in a sharp square style. If you want, you can also add a sheer underlay to the open mesh back design.

20. Triangle-Strap Back Blouse Design

triangle straps blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

The shoulder straps on this saree blouse back are sewn on in the shape of two triangles, as you can see. One on the left, and one on the right. They form the outline of a triangle, and make for an interesting yet chic design if you want to leave your back bare but still want to make a statement.

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21. Arch Cut-Out Blouse Back

arch cutout blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Another cut-out that’s trendy too is the arch-shaped saree blouse back design. For added drama, opt for doris at the top or bottom of the blouse.

22. Fringe On Fringe

fringe saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

One fringe panel isn’t ever enough, is it? That’s why we are crushing on this all-fringe back. Metallic fringe tapes with embroidery on them cover the back of the blouse, giving those around you just a peek of your sexy back. *wink*

23. V-Back With Self-Tie Bow

v with bow blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

There is something about deep V-neck blouse backs design, isn’t there? This plain and simple one, for instance. Apart from a delicate self-tie bow detail at the bottom of the blouse back, the sharp V steals the spotlight in this latest back design for blouse.

24. Bottom-less Blouse Back With Dori

bottomless blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

It’s bold but so worth it. Dare to bare at the next wedding function with this saree blouse back design? As the name suggests, there is no bottom closure for this blouse; the blouse back has only one closure at the top. You can either add a bow at the top or go with delicate strings like the one above.

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25. Reverse Shirt Collar Back Design

reverse shirt collar blause back design

Image source: Instagram

This is a one-of-a-kind blouse design that will look incredibly chic with all your cotton sarees. Pick a light-coloured reverse shirt blouse back design and pair it with a bright and colourful banarasi saree to stand out at the next mehendi or chooda function you’re attending.

26. Larger-Than-Life Floral Tassels

giant flower tassels blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Who needs roses when you’ve got larger-than-life dori tassels on your saree blouse back? The more the number of doris, the quirkier the look! You can choose tassels in a variety of shapes and colours, but remember to match them to the colour of your blouse.

27. Naked Back Blouse With 3D Flowers

naked 3d flowers blause back design.

Image source: Instagram

You’ve heard of the naked dress, haven’t you? This saree blouse back design is exactly the same… nude, sheer fabric with heavy embellishments. However, while the naked dress is worn with a slip, you can wear a blouse with a naked back without any! How? Just keep the front of your blouse solid or get a lining in the front, and that’s it. Looks exquisite, doesn’t it?

28. High-Neck Back Design With Net Straps

net straps saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Who knew you could make straps out of net? These sheer straps are almost invisible against your skin and make it look like there are two patches of stunning embroidered fabric – held together by nothing at all. Magical!

29. Racerback Zip-Up

racerback saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

We were surprised to see that racerbacks not only look great on sports bras but also saree blouses. This saree blouse back design with mirror work and a sporty racerback cut creates a slimming effect for your back, making it look even more toned than it is. A light, sheer saree would look great with this Indie-chic design.

30. Sheer With Fringe Back  Design

sheer with fringe blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Heavily embroidered saree blouse back designs can seem tough to figure out. However, this sheer one with a round cut-out and some light beaded fringe at the hemline is easy to tailor, and to style. You can wear this style with a light saree or an elaborate one – both would look equally prety.

31. Angled Racerback Blouse With Embroidery

angled racerback blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Stylise your racerback saree blouse design with sharper angles like seen in this piece. Similarly, also add some embroidery to the top of your saree racerback blouse to make it look more feminine than sporty. Instead of a solid saree blouse back design, you can even go for a completely sheer one with embroidery all over.

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32. Pearl Extravaganza Back Blouse Design

pearl strands blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

If you love to be extra with your saree blouse back designs, incorporating multiple strings of pearls is a great option for you. To show off your blouse design, you can drape your saree around the waist and wear it over your arm Mira Kapoor has here.

33. Backless Halter Blouse With Bow

halterneck with bow saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

One sleek and sexy saree blouse back design we insist you try is a backless halter blouse. A printed or embellished bow at the bottom closure will lend a feminine touch to this sexy style, and also make a statement that’s hard to miss.

34. Off-Shoulder With An Inverted Triangle Cut-out

off shoulder blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

It’s often hard to get the right fitting when it comes to an off-shoulder and deep back blouse since there is nothing to hold it in place. However, adding a delicate string at the shoulder level creates an edgy cut-out and makes it easier for it to hold its position when you’re shaking a leg on the dance floor.

35. Bow-Shaped Back

bow shaped blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

This one is similar to the double-V saree blouse back design except the two Vs meet at a higher point on your back, and are equally deep. As a result, it creates a bow shape and the lower part of the blouse design is backless.

36. Overlap Triangle Back Design for Blouse

overlap blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Your sarees for mehendi or sangeet will pair perfectly with this saree blouse back design. The blouse back is sewn to create an overlap of fabric. You can highlight the overlap on the back of your blouse by placing embroidery or embellishments along the border.

37. Teardrop Shaped Cut-Out

teardrop cutout blause back design

Image source: Instagram

Teardrop and paisley-shaped cut-outs on the back of your saree blouse lend an Indian touch to your outfits. So, if you’re wearing a light saree and want to add a more festive feel to your ensemble, this saree blouse back design is the way to go.

38. Scallop Detail With Fringe

scallop and fringe saree blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Scallops are super trendy at the moment. Throw in some metallic fringe and a beaded tassel dori and it’s drama city. Let’s be honest, a mehendi saree blouse design is not appropriate if it doesn’t scream drama, amirite?

39. Scallop Detail with Dori

scallop with dori blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Another scalloped piece, this one is more bold and sexy than it is dramatic. However, if you want, you can add embroidery or go a mile further and make it in a sheer fabric instead.

40. Criss-Cross With Extra Long Dori

lace up blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Give your blouse back design a corset vibe by incorporating a deep criss-cross lace-up panel. The dori to lace-up the blouse is extra long and almost floor-sweeping on this one, which is why we’re obsessed with it!

41. Criss-Cross Bottomless Back Design

criss cross backless blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Want the criss-cross effect without the lace-up panel? Just do it with bolder straps to hold your blouse in place and keep your back bare. This saree blouse back design is sure to elevate your Indian ensemble to the next level.

42. Deep-U with Mirror Work Dori

deep u mirror tassels blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

The classic U-shaped saree blouse back design takes a new spin with a self-tie dori on the top AND on the bottom, and giant mirror-work tassels! Did someone say mehendi?

43. Rhinestone Studded Sheer With Floral Brooches

rhinestone studded blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Rhinestones are all about glamour and when they’re all over your saree blouse back, they’re even more glorious, aren’t they? Mix it up by draping your saree and pinning it to the back like so. Use brooches that match your blouse to pin it to the sides.

44. Round With Beaded Dori

round cutout with dori blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Calling all brides-to-be! Bookmark this evergreen round saree blouse back design in your planner. Instead of giant dori tassels or latkans, go with tiny beaded ones that match your saree to keep it simple and traditional, yet off-beat.

45. Attached Cape Blouse Back Design

attached cape blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

Want to add some drama to you saree pallu? Ask your masterji to attach a light, and smaller, cape to the back of your backless design to give it a fairytale vibe.  

46. Full Sheer With Ombré Embroidery

sheer with embroidery blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

This one is ideal for your mehendi outfit. Pair your saree with a blouse that has its back covered in intricate thread work done in different colours. The effect should create a colour gradation – you could pick colours that are in contrast with your saree to mix things up.

47. Diamond-Shaped Cut-out

diamond cutout blouse back design

Image source: Instagram

After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? There isn’t much to this saree blouse back design, and yet it is striking. For that extra oomph, add a string or bow to the closure at the top of your blouse.

48. Eyelet Blouse Back


Image source: Instagram

Sophisticated and sober, this saree blouse back design will look extraordinary with lighter sarees. To add some more quirk to your saree blouse, you can add cloth-covered buttons down the center of the blouse.

49. Frilly Square Back


Image source: Instagram

Could your Indian outfit use some more glam, but without having to give too much of a damn? Our poetic tendencies aside, if you do think your blouse back design is missing something, try ruffles. They’re easy to pull off and are super stylish.

50. Sharp Square Cut-out


Image source: Instagram

Ending with one of our all-time favorites, we recommend incorporating a large square-shaped cut-out in your saree blouse back and styling it with your saree draped around the waist and the pallu over your arm. Trust us, this will go with all your sarees, light or heavy, casual or formal.

Now that you have a list of the top 50 saree blouse back designs, it’s time to think about the saree itself, isn’t it? In fact, we have the perfect guide for the festive season. You can also look through more saree blouse designs here.

Bras for Backless Blouse Design

Loved the blouses but don’t know what kind of bra to wear with deep-back blouses or backless ones? We got your ‘back’. Get it?

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There’s one more thing to be done after you’ve found the right lingerie according to your saree blouse back design. What is it, you ask? Prep your back for these scintillating saree blouse back designs, of course! Get that back clean, smooth, and glowing!

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This story was updated in January 2021.

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