Spoil Yourself! These Are The Best Beauty Rituals, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Mar 24, 2020
Spoil Yourself! These Are The Best Beauty Rituals, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Each star sign’s approach to self-care is different. While some like to slap on a sheet mask and Netflix all day long, another group likes to take their time with beauty and enjoy the process of a 10 step skincare routine. It all boils down to preferences and the zodiac sign that you belong to at the end of the day. There is no right or wrong as long as you find what you do to be therapeutic


Best Beauty Rituals Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We bet you’re gonna scream, “me too!”


The Aries woman is impatient and likes to do things quickly. In the process, her skin starts to take a toll on that too. Dark spots, acne, inflammation – all of this her skin can experience if she doesn’t slow down. She doesn’t have to follow a complicated skincare routine, just stick to the basic CTM routine and she’ll be alright. 


The Taurus woman is a chiller who likes to take her time with skincare. She has a cabinet dedicated to skincare and finds arranging her products to be therapeutic. Her nights are usually reserved for not her man, but her with a sheet mask and a good book. 



The Gemini woman hates standing in front of her sink and doing a step-by-step skincare routine. She’ll find a way to a way to make it fun and creative. She’ll do her skincare routine from her bed, have a face pack on during lunch and eye patches on even when she’s reading!


The Cancerian woman won’t stick to a skincare routine every day (but she should) However when she does, she makes sure that she goes all out! There will be rose petals in her bathtub, lavender-scented candles lit in her bedroom, a glass of red wine to keep her skin nourished, a face pack with exotic ingredients in it (think matcha or saffron). In a nutshell, she loves spoiling herself – occasionally.


Leos have fun with skincare. She takes it to a whole new level by investing in unique beauty products too like bubble sheet masks, lip masks, fruity scrubs, solid stick toners – her skincare game is on fire!


A Virgo woman may not turn up for your birthday party, but will make it a point to not skip her skincare routine. She’s not just got the basics like cleansers, toners and moisturisers, she’s got serums, night gels, facial oils, essences and all of it. She is ready for a night of pampering!



A Libran woman loves makeup as much as she loves skincare products! When she puts on a full face of makeup, she usually is the first one to come home and remove her makeup. Then using a toner to remove any makeup residue and finally, moisturising her skin to the fullest!


More than following a strict skincare routine, Scorpios are pretty particular of how they store beauty products. She arranges them by name, colour code them and sanitizes the hell out of them. Her beauty product placement deserves a dedicated Instagram post (with instructions and tips, of course)



The Saggitarius woman prefers to have a fuss-free skin care routine. Less fluff, more work. Her beauty cabinet isn’t loaded with cutesy beauty products, but ones that have power ingredients like hemp, shea butter, retinol, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C. She knows where to spend her money!


A Capricorn woman believes in the concept of ‘less is more’. She won’t make unnecessary beauty splurges, she only picks the ones that have worked for her. She stays loyal to brands and won’t change her products until they get discontinued. 


A Pisces woman is obsessed with moisturising! She won’t spend money on food, but will spend money on another moisturiser. Lip balms and hand creams are her absolute favourite! Also, knowing that she does not have to deal with dry, flaky skin gives her peace of mind. 



The Aquarius woman has a super high maintenance relationship with skincare. Nah, drug store products won’t make the cut, she wants luxury on her face and doesn’t mind spending all her moolah on the best products out there!

How true is this for you? Do tell!

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