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Beauty Buzz: 6 Of The Best Celebrity Instagram Posts Of The Week

Beauty Buzz: 6 Of The Best Celebrity Instagram Posts Of The Week

I cannot help but notice the number of celebrities sashaying down my Instagram feed sporting multi-braided ponytails, berry-red lips, platinum-coloured tresses, brushed-out brows, tightlined eyes, and other head-turning looks these past few days. And that’s why I’ve decided to share 6 of the best ones to commemorate the month of April—and trust me when I say I had quite a tough time choosing the ones on this list. 

6 Note-Worthy Beauty Moments Of The Week

Sonam’s Desi Aphrodite Vibe

Sonam’s sporting a glow—and a very visible bump—and we’re not crediting her makeup this time. A soon-to-be-mother, she channels her inner Aphrodite in this maternity photoshoot with thick, smudged strokes of kohl rimming her lower waterline, and extending upward to complete a cat-eyed look with a little bit of smoke smeared onto the lids. Her lips fashion a soft, glossy pink, and her eyebrows remain untouched. Her hair, straight toward the top, fan out into brushed-out tresses below her ears and dramatize the royalty of the look further. 

Dua’s Platinum Poise

Just a night before the Grammys, Dua was a brunette. The next day, her strides on the carpet were accompanied by waist-grazing, head-swiveling tresses drenched in platinum—with only her brown-ish roots hinting at her brunette alter-ego. We’re, positively, levitating. Her drastic transformation was complemented by the thickest set of brows, berry-coloured lips, and chromatic nails.

Lily’s Parisian Alter-Ego

Collins is channelling her Emily In Paris alter-ego with soft hues of pink bedecking the lids, scarlet-stained lips, mascara-laden lashes, and brushed-out brows. Even though Lily’s bangs are a mainstay in her overall aesthetic, she’s sporting a side-swept ‘do that frames her face extremely well. 

Alia’s Bare-Faced Beauty

Alia has cemented minimalism as her overall aesthetic. And this look just epitomises that. Complete with untouched, natural-looking brows, hues of peach on the lips, sun-kissed blush, and mascara-layered lashes, Bhatt’s side-part highlights the simplicity of this look.

Kendall’s Multi-Braided Ponytail

First, Kendall’s copper-brown tresses commanded our attention. And, now, she has  made a case for braids. This particular iteration of braids has us obsessed: a slicked-back, sky-high ponytail dovetailing into tightly-woven braids. Paired with a puckered pout, highlighted cheeks, and an overall glow, Kendall concludes the look with face-framing sunglasses. 

Lisa’s Rhinestone-Bordered Eyes

Blackpink’s Lisa has almost always styled her hair like this: a ponytail ‘do defined by eyebrow-grazing bangs. But this one’s glamor redefined—with rhinestones bordering her eyes, and a set of falsies enhancing them. And, of course, we’re gradient lip-loyalists, so this had to make the list. 

There were a few of our favourite ‘big beauty moments‘ across Bollywood and Hollywood, and we’re still processing.

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11 Apr 2022

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