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10 Apps We Recommend You Download STAT For All Things Beauty!

10 Apps We Recommend You Download STAT For All Things Beauty!

What’s your one-stop shop for all things beauty? Apart from POPxo of course silly! There are many apps that you can turn to for trusty beauty tutorials, products, reviews photo editing and more. Ever click a picture of yourself and wonder how you would look with a red lipstick and some falsies? It’s totally possible. Keep reading for our list of beauty apps that you need, right away.


1. POPxo

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Download Here: iTunes and Android

No Beauty advice is complete without us! Download our app and you’ll have an entire world of beauty, how to’s, product recommendations at your fingertips. Psst! Stay tuned we’ve just added a WHOLE lot of new features to our app – you can now track your period, order food and even book yourself a cab while you binge on our beauty feed!

2. Make Up Plus

Download Here: iTunes and Android

The app that lets you do more than blur those blemishes! Put on some red lipstick, falsies and even a cat eye if you fancy. You’ll never have to leave the house with make-up again, this app will work its magic on your skin.

3. Urban Clap

Download Here: iTunes and Android

Every working woman likes to be pampered over the weekend. Some days, I just don’t want to step out of the house for any kind of grooming though. You know, you just feel like a facial in bed or a pedicure maybe? You need Urban Clap! It is your go-to for all kinds of at home services. You could even get a make-up artist to doll you up for your next night out!

4. Nykaa

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Download Here: iTunes and Android

When you think about binging on some new make-up, where do you go? I lounge around my bean bag and ‘Add to cart’ all of my make-up. Nykaa has almost every beauty brand that’s available in India on their website and they ship practically everywhere. Make-up shopping has never been easier. And they always have some amazing sales!

5. Sephora

Download Here: iTunes and Android

A small luxury haul for your make-up must haves maybe? For everything that you worship at Sephora India, you can now buy online. Check it out! And If you end up shopping, my apologies in advance. *wink*

6. You Cam

Download Here: iTunes and Android

Ever wanted to know what that Dior lipstick would look like on you? You Cam does just that! It has hundreds of make-up and beauty products from all of your favourite brands to try virtually. This app gives try before you buy completely new meaning in the world of make-up swatching

7. Hydr-8!

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Download Here: iTunes and Android

Looking and feeling your best often has to do with your daily water intake. It’s great to keep track of your water intake using an app. The water app tells you exactly how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis and sends you reminders through the day in case you forget!

8. Sleepbot

Download Here: iTunes and Android

Sometimes we need a little nudge to disconnect and sleep, after all, they call it beauty sleep for nothing. This app reminds you to get your required beauty sleep and also records sounds and charts your movement while you sleep. It gives you detailed statistics on your sleep cycle and lets you know how well you slept through the night.

9. Rynkl

Download Here: iTunes and Android

This app lets you assess the effectiveness of all your anti-wrinkle products and lets you know if they actually work. You need to take weekly – or daily – selfies, the app pinpoints lines, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

10. Beautylish

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Download Here: iTunes and Android

Product reviews, tutorials and luxury international brands that…wait for it… SHIP TO INDIA! No need to wait for the next foreign return relative/friend for your beauty haul.

Are there any apps that we didn’t mention? Let us know!

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19 Mar 2018

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