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Bang Bang: Everyone Who’s Anyone Is Requesting This Quirky Hairstyle

Bang Bang: Everyone Who’s Anyone Is Requesting This Quirky Hairstyle

It’s likely that if one of your friends were to text “I’m going to get bangs,” your group chat would start a fire drill. Bangs can be notoriously hard to upkeep, and if you pick the wrong types of bangs, they might end up looking less than flattering. That being said, the fringe is beginning to pick up steam again in 2022, and we’re itching to try the killa’ look.

With the right advice, bangs can be a really great choice. Good bangs can make your eyes the star of the show and let your features shine. It can be tough to figure out where to start – you might like the idea of wispy bangs but want something a little more noticeable to try on for size, or you might love Sydney Sweeney’s blunt bangs but might not want to invest the time and energy required to maintain them. Whatever your bang journey, to get the scoop on all things fringe, we’ve rounded up which type of bangs are best for which face shape and more. Get your hairstylist on speed dial STAT.

Find Your Fringe: The Best Bangs For Every Face Shape

For Heart-Shaped Face

Curtain bangs that are shorter in the middle will help soften a heart-shaped face. These bangs can be as long or short as you want them to be, though longer curtain bangs are easier to maintain. You can use an air dry cream to help your bangs dry effortlessly, no heat required. 

For Round-Shaped Face

Blunt bangs + round face is a match made in beauty heaven. So we thanked the beauty gods when we came across this style donned by Sydney Sweeney. If you have a round face, you might want to avoid adding a round bang. Instead, a more blunt bang will help add more balance to your look.

For Diamond-Shaped Face

This hairstyle is effing pretty. Sweeping your bangs to the side is the best way to accent a diamond-shaped face. A side-swept bang can be really nice because they can soften some facial features and can even lengthen the look of your face. A straightener iron will help give your side-swept hair a sleek look.

For Oval-Shaped Face

Oval-shaped faces offer leeway in terms of styling. Folks with oval-shaped faces are free to experiment with their bangs. The oval face shape is the most versatile and can really pull off any bang. You can get a little more adventurous with a baby bang, heavier bang or a longer fringe swept to the sides.

For Square-Shaped Face

Leave it to Lily Collins to make bangs look so damn cool. For those with square-shaped faces, feathery bangs are the way to go. A long, wispy side bang that’s more rounded and tapered will help soften a square face shape.

So, ready to rock these bangs?

Featured Image: Instagram

16 Jun 2022

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