#HairFree: How To Get Rid Of The Hair On Your Tummy & Back!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016
#HairFree: How To Get Rid Of The Hair On Your Tummy & Back!


Have you been bugged by hair on your tummy and lower back? You’re not alone! While hair growing in these places is completely natural, they CAN interfere with our sexy saree and bikini dreams. But not to worry! We bring you the best back and stomach hair removal techniques – don’t forget to thank us later!

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6 Hair Removal Techniques To Get Rid Of Back And Stomach Hair

Hair Removal Creams To The Rescue

stomach hair removal They’re not expensive and work wonders at removing hair from sensitive areas like your tummy and lower back. If you’re skeptical about a cream agreeing with your skin, do a patch test with it on a small portion of your arm first. See how your skin reacts to the cream before you apply it all over. If it works without problems, go ahead! It’s cost-effective, time saving and has long lasting results. Pick a good cream to remove stomach hair and back hair, and don’t forget to test it first!

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Give The Razor A Chance

stomach hair removal This back and stomach hair removal method is a cost-effective one. When shaving your stomach and lower back, keep in mind to not shave over dry skin. Soften the hair on your stomach with water and leave it there for a couple of minutes. After that, apply shaving gel all over and carefully shave in the direction of the hair growth. The best thing about shaving is that it’s a fast process and can be done in the comfort of your home anytime. Since you might not be able to watch while you’re doing your lower back, we suggest you ask someone to help you. This will save you from the possibility of nicks and cuts! Make sure you use a ladies’ razor that comes with layered blades and a moisturising strip for a close and smooth shave.

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Life’s A Bleach

stomach hair removal If you have fine hair on your stomach and lower back, you don’t necessarily have to remove it. Just apply bleach – specifically, a body hair bleaching cream like this one – over the area and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Once that’s done, wipe it off with a moist sponge. It’s effective, painless and perfect if you have less hair there. See, ladies? It’s as simple as that! (You can also get this back and stomach hair removal done at the parlour.)

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It’s Waxing Time!

stomach hair removal For long-lasting results, waxing is a great option! It’s effective, quick and accurate. The process might hurt a little, but it’ll be totally worth in the end. When waxing, you’ll notice that it not gets rid of the hair but also of  your tan and the skin’s dead skin cells. Waxing is done by melting wax and spreading it evenly on the skin that has most hair. A cotton strip is then put over the wax and pressed firmly to the skin. It’s then pulled out instantly. Since the skin on your tummy and lower back is really sensitive, you might want to use ice cubes over the freshly waxed area to safeguard yourself from rashes and swelling. You can get this back and stomach hair removal done at a parlour or try waxing strips at home.

Have You Heard Of Electrolysis?

stomach hair removal The effects of electrolysis are permanent; however it’s quite an expensive and lengthy process. This process involves a electric current that seeps into your skin which is responsible for destroying hair follicles and keeping hair from growing again. This done through multiple sessions will permanently make your skin smooth and hairless. But before you make that decision, think it through and consult a dermatologist regarding this back and stomach hair removal for further information and assistance on the subject.

Go For Laser

stomach hair removal Just like electrolysis, laser hair removal treatment is time-consuming and expensive. But the results are super long-lasting, and it guarantees you smooth, soft and hairless skin! This process of back and stomach hair removal involves a hand-held laser device that shoots out a pulsed light and destroys hair follicles with every shot. For safety purposes, consult a professional like a cosmetic dermatologist to see whether the hair removal treatment is the best option for you. Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: Is It Normal To Have Hair On My Boobs? How To Get Rid Of It? MUST-READ: Waxing vs. Shaving vs. Epilating: What is Your Hair Removal Nirvana?