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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Baby Massage Oil

5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Baby Massage Oil

Oil massage is a great way to improve your baby’s blood circulation and promote healthy development. In addition, regular oil massage can moisturise your little one’s skin, keep them warm and comfortable, and also soothe them to sleep. However, picking a suitable massage oil for your little one can be a tad bit difficult as most products on the market contain chemicals that might irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

But fret not, as we have compiled a list of the best baby massage oils that you can choose for your munchkin worry-free. These baby massage oils are one of the best in India and are formulated with 100% natural and botanical ingredients and are dermatologically tested for safety. Let’s have a look at the best massage oils in India and the things to keep in mind while massaging your baby. 

Benefits Of Oil Massages For Babies

Benefits of oil massage for babies
Oil massage can help strengthen your little one’s bones and muscles and also keep them calm and relaxed

Before we get into the best baby massage oils, let’s have a look at the multiple benefits of oil massage for your little one:

  • It enables you and your baby to bond and play together
  • It calms your baby
  • It aids digestion in your baby and relieves colic symptoms
  • It helps relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort
  • It helps in muscle tone development and coordination
  • It helps improve their skin texture
  • It boosts your baby’s immune system
  • It puts them at ease and reduces anxiety
  • It helps them sleep better

How To Choose The Right Baby Massage Oil

It is crucial to consider the following factors before selecting the best baby massage oil.

  • Created exclusively for babies: As your little one’s skin is more delicate than others, it’s wise to opt for a baby massage oil that is specially formulated for babies. This will reduce the risk of infections and other skin concerns like dryness or irritation in your little one.
  • Artificial fragrances: A mildly scented baby massage oil can still work, but avoid those with artificial fragrances as they can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. Also, long-term exposure to these fragrances can cause respiratory illnesses in your baby in the long term, and hence must be strictly avoided.
  • The mixture of oils: Make sure that the oil mixture in the baby massage oil is natural and botanically derived. Also, read the ingredient label cautiously to determine the presence of any ingredient that can cause allergy in your little one’s skin.
  • Chemicals: Steer clear of products that contain harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, and phthalates. These ingredients can irritate your baby’s skin, and in some cases, cause infections.
  • Patch test: Before incorporating a baby massage oil into your child’s skincare routine, make sure to do a patch test to determine if your baby is allergic to the product or not. If you notice any adverse reactions on your little one’s skin, refrain from using the product.

Best Baby Massage Oils To Nourish Your Little One’s Skin

Best baby massage oils
Opt for natural and botanical oils that keep your baby’s skin healthy and irritation-free

BabyChakra’s Nourishing Baby Massage Oil

BabyChakra’s nourishing baby massage oil is created with all-natural and nutrient-rich ingredients that provide the ultimate moisturisation to your baby’s skin. In addition to hydration, the baby massage oil also strengthens your little one’s bones and muscles and aids in healthy growth. It is one of the best baby massage oils that receive a USDA certification for being toxin and chemical-free.

The baby massage oil constraints botanical ingredients like moringa oil, almond oil, saffron oil, and sesame oil, which are antioxidant-rich and nourish your baby’s delicate skin. These ingredients also exhibit anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and help keep your little one’s skin protected from infections and improve skin tone. You can apply this oil before your baby’s bath, or massage them after their bath to keep their skin hydrated. 

The Moms Co.’s Natural Massage Oil

The Moms Co.’s natural massage oil helps relax, and strengthen your baby’s bones and muscles. It features a potent formulation of organic oils like almond, avocado, jojoba, natural vitamin E, and Saffron oil that deeply nourish and hydrate your baby’s skin, reduce inflammation and itching, and also protect them from infections and allergies. Regular massage with the oil can also help strengthen your little one’s bones and encourage healthy development.

Like all Moms Co. products, this baby oil is also toxin and chemical-free and is safe for repeated use. It is also mineral oil and paraben-free and dermatologically tested for safety.

Things To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby

Things to keep in mind while massaging your baby
Massage your baby’s skin gently in circular clockwise motions 

Let’s have a look at a few essential tips that you can employ while massaging your baby.

  • Start from below the ribs, and massage your baby’s tummy in clockwise circular motions to ease digestion and relieve stomach problems like constipation.
  • If possible, massage your baby after a bath. Apply the oil when they are undressed and their skin is still damp.
  • If your baby’s skin is dry, try to massage them regularly to nourish and moisturise their skin.

Using baby oils for massage can help relax your little one and also promote healthy bone development in them. Choose products that are specially formulated to suit your little one’s skin and which offer ultimate nourishment to them. You can opt for products from our list of best baby massage oils as they are dermatologically tested for safety and contain zero chemicals or toxins.

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20 Sep 2022

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