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How To Choose The Right Face Cream For Your Newborn

How To Choose The Right Face Cream For Your Newborn

Your baby’s skin is more soft, sensitive, and prone to rashes than yours. That’s why a skin cream is essential for them as it can help as that can help strengthen their skin barrier, and also protect their skin against harmful environmental elements.

It will help if you opt for a product that has both moisturising and protective properties, and can nourish and hydrate your baby’s skin without triggering rashes or infections. Also, since your baby’s skin is still developing, be very careful with the ingredients and only purchase ones that have a gentle and mild plant-based formula. 

To help you make the right choice, we have created an all-in-one guide with details on how to choose the best baby face cream and ingredients to look for while buying one. 

How To Tackle Dry Skin In Your Munchkin With The Best Baby Face Cream

The Best Baby Face Cream
You should choose a baby face cream that contains organic ingredients suited for sensitive skin and a hypoallergenic formula

Your little one’s skin is extremely delicate and might react adversely to the slightest chemicals present in skincare products. To provide them with gentle nourishment, you should consider the following points before purchasing a baby face cream.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin: The baby face cream must have a gentle and mild formulation, and it shouldn’t cause any type of skin irritation or dryness in your baby. Make sure to avoid products with chemical ingredients like SLS, paraben, SLES, and sulphates, which pose the risk of causing skin allergies and discomfort in your munchkin’s body.
  • The cream should have a mild fragrance: Yes, goo-smelling baby skincare products seem attractive, but their long-term usage can cause severe respiratory illnesses in your little one. Hence, stick to using baby face creams that are mildly-fragrant or use natural fragrances in their formulation.
  • List of harmful chemicals to avoid: Steer clear of baby creams that contain preservatives like triclosan, triclocarban, DEA, and phthalates as they may cause serious skin complications, such as rashes and itching. Always check the ingredients list carefully to identiufy these compounds and pick one with natural and safe ingredients.
  • Make sure that the face cream is labelled hypoallergenic: Your baby’s skin is tender and that makes them more vulnerable to dryness and skin infections. That’s why you should opt for hypoallergenic face creams as they are gentle on your baby’s skin and do not cause any adverse reactions.

Ingredients To Look For In Baby Face Cream

Ingredients To Look For In Baby Face Cream
Opt for a natural baby face cream with ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter

When choosing the best baby face creams you should opt for the ones blended with all-natural ingredients. For instance, The Moms Co.’s natural baby cream for face has a mix of organic and soothbing ingredients that moisturise your baby’s skin and provide maximum nourishment to strengthen their skin barrier. The face cream contains:

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a perfect moisturiser that keeps your baby’s skin soft and supple. It is also a rich source of ceramides which help strengthen their skin barrier and protect your little one from dry skin and allergies. Additionally, jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is beneficial in treating sensitive, chapped skin.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a potent emollient that helps soften your baby’s skin and retain moisture by forming a protective layer on the skin surface. It also exhibits antioxidant properties and is particularly helpful for treating skin conditions such as eczema.

Avocado Oil

This all-natural ingredient hydrates your baby’s skin and helps soothe skin peeling in them. It is also renowned for its healing propeties and can provide effective relief to your munchkin’s itchy and swollen skin. 

Cocoa Butter

Just like shea butter, cocoa butter also acts as an emollient and exhibits protective properties that calm your little one’s skin and soothe any irritation or inflammation. It also helps maintain pH and moisture balance in your baby’s skin and strengthens their skin’s protective barrier to prevent dryness. 

Milk Protein

Milk protein has powerful moisturising qualities that help nourish your little one’s skin and prevent dryness. It also helps support your baby’s natural skin barrier and enhances their skin health. Addtionally, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and keeps your baby’s skin protected from rashes and allergies.

How To Use The Baby Face Cream For Maximum Nourishment?

How To Use The Baby Face Cream
After your baby’s bath, use the nourishing baby face cream to moisturise your little one’s skin and keep it soft and supple

Step 1: Take a small amount of the face cream on your palm.

Step 2: Dot it all over your baby’s face and neck.

Step 3: Massage in a gentle circular upward motion and bec careful around areas like their eyes, ears, and nose. 

For best results, apply the baby face cream right after your little one’s bath to ensure deep moisturisation and prevent dryness. And then follow it up by applying a natural sensitive skin lotion all over their body.

Since your baby’s skin is still developing, you should be extra cautious about the face cream that you are using. Make sure to choose the best baby face cream that contains hydrating ingredients safe for sensitive skin, has a mild fragrance, and is hypoallergenic like the one that we discussed above.

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22 Sep 2022

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