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How To Choose The Best Baby Body Wash To Nourish Your Little One’s Sensitive Skin

How To Choose The Best Baby Body Wash To Nourish Your Little One’s Sensitive Skin

As parents, you want to provide the gentlest care to your little one. That includes choosing natural and plant-based bath products that help maintain hygiene and also protect and nourish your little one’s skin. But with tons of options in the market, how do you pick the best skincare products for your baby? Worry, not, as we are here to help you with a detailed guide on factors to consider before purchasing a baby skincare product.

In this post, we tell you how to choose the best baby body washes that offer gentle care to your munchkin’s skin, and safety tips that you should be following while bathing your little one. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Body Wash?

How To Choose The Best Baby Body Wash?
To avoid irritation in your baby’s skin, always choose plant-based body washes

Since your baby’s skin is delicate and fragile, it can be easily irritated with regular body washes and soaps. Hence, you should pick a plant-based body wash that nourishes your baby’s skin, and provides long-lasting moisturisation. You should also consider the following factors before purchasing a baby body wash.

  • Read the ingredients list carefully: Avoid body washes that contain synthetic ingredients and artificial colours. Also, steer clear of sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, preservatives, silicone, and phthalates, as they may react with your baby’s delicate skin and cause irritation. Instead of these chemicals, opt for baby body washes that are formulated with natural and organic ingredients that soothe and nourish your tiny tot’s skin.
  • Do not use fragranced products: Many baby products in the market contain synthetic fragrances. While these fragrances may seem pleasant, their long-term usage can cause respiratory illnesses in your little one. Thus, go for mildly scented or unscented baby skincare products.
  • Check for allergens: Your baby’s sensitive skin might not be suitable for certain synthetic compounds. Hence, look for indications of hypersensitivities before trying out the product on them. The best way to ensure that no damage comes your baby’s way is by checking if the product has been tested for hypersensitivities.
  • Consult a dermatologist: Make sure that the baby body wash is dermatologically tested and endorsed by paediatricians and mums. If you are still worried about the claims made by the brand, feel free to consult your doctor and clear your queries.
  • Choose quality over price: While purchasing a body wash for your little one, ensure quality over price. Pick a product that is well-formulated, healthy, and tested for safety for the infant.
  • Be mindful of your little one’s skin concerns: It is always wise to choose a baby body wash that has been specially formulated to address your little one’s skin issues, such as dryness or sensitive skin.
  • Ensure that the body wash has a healthy pH balance: Opt for a baby body wash that is formulated to maintain a healthy pH balance in your baby’s skin. This helps in strengthening your little one’s skin barrier and also keeps their delicate skin protected from infections and allergies.

The Best Baby Body Washes To Add To Your Cart

Best Baby Body Washes To Add To Your Cart
Choose a baby body wash that has been dermatologically tested for safety and hypoallergenic

When it comes to choosing the best baby body washes, you can opt for the following choices:

Natural Baby Wash By The Moms Co.

The Natural baby wash by The Moms Co. is a tear-free formula enriched with plant-based ingredients like organic chamomile oil, avocado oil, calendula oil, argan oil, and aloe vera gel. All these ingredients are rich in fatty acids and exhibit natural antioxidant properties that help nourish and soothe your little one’s skin. 

Additionally, chamomile offers calming properties that heal your baby’s skin, reduce inflammation, and soothe irritation. Organic aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that protect your baby’s skin and prevent infections. The baby body wash also contains coconut-based cleansers that mildly cleanse your baby’s skin and is perfect for your munchkin’s sensitive skin. 

Other features:

  • Natural ingredients
  • Hydrating formula
  • Mild fragrance
  • Chemical-free
  • Certified baby safe
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • No mineral oil
  • DEA/TEA-free

Moisturising Baby Wash By BabyChakra

The Moisturising baby wash from BabyChakra is built with lipid layer enhancers that strengthen your baby’s skin barrier and provide deep nourishment and moisturisation. The baby wash is formulated with a blend of plant-based and organic ingredients like rose oil, chamomile oil, pumpkin seed oil, and chamomile oil that hydrate your baby’s skin and deeply moisturise it without clogging pores.

The baby body wash also contains beetroot-based hydration actives that maintain a healthy pH balance in your little one’s skin and mitigate the risk of infections and allergies. The body wash is suitable for your little one’s sensitive skin as well and can help soothe inflammation and itching effectively.

Other features:

  • Clinically tested by dermatologists
  • Made with USDA-certified ingredients
  • Contains organic and 100% natural ingredients
  • pH-balanced formula
  • Co-created by mums and paediatricians
  • No toxins or chemicals are involved in the formulation process
  • Gently cleanses your baby’s skin without stripping away the natural oils

Safety Tips To Follow While Bathing Your Baby

Safety Tips To Follow While Bathing Your Baby
Keep all the baby essentials like towels and diapers within your arm’s reach and check the water temperature before bathing your little one

Keep in mind the following safety and precautionary tips while bathing your little one.

  • Before beginning the bath, keep all the baby accessories like towels, body wash, shampoo, diapers, and clothes ready and within your reach.
  • Remain beside your baby at all times. Do not leave them alone in the bath unattended.
  • Use a small baby bathtub as it helps you control the volume of the bathwater.
  • Always check the water temperature with your elbow. The water shouldn’t feel hot. If needed, adjust the temperature by adding more cold water.
  • Take a small amount of the baby body wash and rub it gently on your baby’s skin to remove dirt and impurities. Once done, wash their hair and scalp and rinse them with water from head to toe.
  • Pat your baby dry with a soft towel after the bath and then follow up by applying lotion to keep their skin nourished and healthy.

Directions For Using Baby Body Wash

Pour a small amount of baby body wash on a wet sponge. Apply the sponge to your baby’s skin and rub it in circular motions across their body. Make sure all the body parts are covered. Rinse well with water until your munchkin’s skin is squeaky clean. 

Make sure to choose among the best baby washes that provide all-in-one solutions to your baby’s skin concerns. This helps keep your baby’s skin healthy and nourished, and you can also remain worry-free, knowing that your tiny tot’s skin is well-protected and receiving the gentlest care.

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19 Sep 2022

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