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Say Hello To Spotless Skin: Best Anti-Pigmentation Creams Available In India!

Say Hello To Spotless Skin: Best Anti-Pigmentation Creams Available In India!

In simple terms, pigmentation means a person’s skin colour. Where does your skin get its colour from, you ask? From a pigment called melanin. Produced by cells called melanocytes, this pigment is not just responsible for the colouring of your skin, but for your hair and eyes as well. So basically, dusky women have more melanin in their skin than women with lighter complexions. However, if your melanin cells become weak or damaged, it can affect your skin’s natural complexion and melanin production, that’s when anti-pigmentation creams come in handy. 

The Main Causes of Pigmentation

There are multiple reasons why your skin gets pigmented. The first and most common one is by exposure to the sun. If your skin is not coated with SPF, you could be prone to not just pigmentation but skin cancer as well. Another cause is inflammation from all the marks your wounds, bruises and acne leave behind. To prevent this, you should be cleansing your face and drinking lots of water daily. Then there’s medication. Too much of it can increase melanin production. Pregnancy and hormonal changes such as PCOS and thyroid can cause pigmentation as well. 

The Best Anti-Pigmentation Creams To Buy

All thanks to several innovations in skin care, there are a host of products in the market which we can use to minimise the appearance of pigmentation. Scroll through our list to find out the best pigmentation creams in India!

Best Ayurvedic Face Cream For Glowing Skin


1. Lemongrass Anti-Pigmentation Cleansing Cream

Topping our list of the best anti-pigmentation creams is this cleansing cream which comes with the sweet scent of lemongrass. Loaded with aromatherapy oils, grapefruit oil, Cedrus Atlantica bark oil and turmeric extract, your skin is going to be in for a treat! Scoop some of the product with your fingers and gently rub it on your cheeks and neck in a circular motion for about 5-7 minutes. Use a moist cotton ball to remove the cream from your face. 

Pros: Inexpensive, organic, paraben-free, chemical-free, natural ingredients, and not tested on animals. 

Cons: Available only at selected stores in India.

2. Mama earth Bye Bye Blemishes For Pigmentation

One of the main reasons why I recommend this pigmentation removal cream is that it is compatible with every skin type. While it protects your skin from sun exposure, it will nourish and brighten your skin too. Believe it or not, but it is loaded with mulberry extract, vitamin C, shea butter and organic daisy flower extract. You’ve got to try it to believe it!


Pros: Does not contain mineral oil, artificial fragrance, preservatives, SLS and parabens. 

Cons: Non-eco-friendly packaging.

3. Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream

If you’re into ayurvedic products, you should totally give this product a shot! Packed with herbs and botanical extracts, this ani-pigmentation cream helps protect your skin from pigmentation, improves skin clarity and keeps acne at bay. Plus, the product comes in a tube which makes it easy to carry along while travelling. 

Pros: Ayurvedic formulation, paraben-free, compatible with all skin types. 


Cons: Can take a while for the results to show. 

4. Re’equil Skin Radiance Cream

I don’t know about you, but I love the packaging. So sleek, so minimal, so aesthetic. Keep in mind that this is a non-comedogenic cream. It helps reduce dark spots and melasma and claims to even out skin tone.  

Pros: Reduces dark spots, evens out skin tone, increases skin radiance. 

Cons: Not easily available at local stores. 


Best Organic Face Creams

5. Oriflame EvenOut Replenishing Night Cream

Just before you go to bed, apply this night cream on clean skin. Since it is packed with Swedish natural ingredients and LumiLight complex, your skin is going to glow in the morning! Not only is it suitable for all skin types, but it is also dermatologically tested. 

Pros: It’s hydrating for your skin and dermatologically tested. 

Cons: Slightly expensive as compared to other pigmentation creams available in India. 


6. Khadi Natural Herbal Anti Blemish Cream

If you haven’t tried this product yet, then it’s high time you should. It evens out your skin tone and reduces pigmentation. Soft, smooth and radiant – this cream is love in a jar! 

Pros: Lightweight, does not contain harmful chemicals, suitable for all skin types. 

Cons: Takes time for blemishes to fade away. 

7. VLCC De-Pigmentation Day Cream

This cream gives off a strong fragrance, but I believe it does what it has to do. If you have super dry skin, you can give this pigmentation day cream a try. While it’s free from harmful chemicals and parabens, it does take time to show results. 


Pros: No parabens or chemicals and suitable for dry skin. 

Cons: Takes time to show results and gives off a strong fragrance. 

8. Lotus Herbals Papaya & Saffron Anti-Blemish Cream

This anti-blemish cream has some pretty interesting ingredients – vitamin E, apricot kernel oil, papaya extract and clove oil. It’s better to deep cleanse and tone your skin before applying this cream.   

Pros: Effective tan removal cream. 


Cons: Certain ingredients in the cream may cause irritation. Do a patch test first. 

9. Bioayurveda Licorice Anti-Pigmentation Night Renewal Face Creme

Licorice is a great ingredient for treating blemishes and dark spots. The cream also contains a generous blend of organic herbs and natural oils. This face cream isn’t just an anti-pigmentation cream, but also fights free radicals and stimulates collagen. 

Pros: Has a good spread of ingredients, great packaging, provides a glow. 

Cons: Only available online. 


10. Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex Face Creme

This product is expensive but is worth every penny, I count it amongst the best anti-pigmentation creams. What makes it awesome is that it has azelaic and phytic acid. For those who don’t know, azelaic acid helps correct spots and phytic acid is a tyrosinase inhibitor.

Pros: Contains azelaic and phytic acid. 

Cons: Expensive as compared to other anti-pigmentation creams available in the market. 

11. Organic Harvest Massage Cream – Anti-Pigmentation

This cream is not just meant for pigmentation. It also claims to fight skin irritation and itching. Enriched with bearberry, shea butter, clove oil and vitamin C, we’ve heard some great reviews about this one. However, if you have sensitive skin, do a patch test first. 


Pros: Free from parabens and rich in vitamin C. 

Cons: Can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

12. Himalaya Bleminor

You will never have to deal with blemishes if you pick this baby up. Although it takes time to show results, the wait is worth it. This budget-friendly cream by Himalaya improves skin texture and reduces blemishes and dark spots. 

Pros: Leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing. 


Cons: Takes time for results to show. 

13. Bella Vita Organic Papy Blem Pigmentation Blemish Wrinkles Papaya Saffron Face Night Gel

Bored of creams? Why don’t you consider using this anti-blemish gel? It contains no chemicals, animal products or parabens – it’s good for your skin! Equipped with soothing properties, this night gel clears skin and treats pigmentation in the best way possible. 

Pros: Helps with reducing pigmentation naturally. 

Cons: Not available at most local stores. 


14. Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream

Happiness is picking up this anti-blemish cream! Without burning a hole in your pocket, it wipes out acne marks and reduces pigmentation. The only bummer is that it isn’t easily available at stores. You will have to buy yourself a jar online. 

Pros: Reduces pigmentation and dark circles. 

Cons: Not available at most local stores.

15. Just Herbs Blemfree Anti-Blemish Cream

Just look at this packaging, isn’t it adorable? You know, the cream is pretty amazing too! If you use it every day, your complexion is bound to change for the better. It takes care of your tan and does a great job of protecting your skin from the sun. 


Pros: Lightweight formula, fast results.

Cons: A little too expensive. 

16. The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood – Turmeric Anti-Blemish Cream

Give this product a shot if you haven’t already. While it reduces acne, it also helps get rid of bacteria, heals damaged skin and of course, tackles pigmentation like a boss! Plus, it has an interesting blend of natural ingredients – basil, neem, turmeric and calendula. 

Pros: Interesting blend of ingredients. 


Cons: Only available online and selected stores. 

17. Iba Halal Care Aloe Aqua No Blemish Cream

You can either indulge in chemical peels to get rid of pigmentation or stick to a blemish cream. If you chose the latter, then don’t expect instant results. As the name suggests, the Iba ‘No’ blemish cream’ will lighten your scars and reduce blemishes over time.  

Pros: Inexpensive and does not clog pores 

Cons: Does not suit all skin types.


18. Melblok Advanced Day Cream For Pigmentation SPF 20 PA+++

This has to be the best cream for pigmentation. Trust me, once you start using this cream, you’ll get hooked on to it for life! It’s a vegan product that’s non-acnegenic by nature. Free from steroids, parabens and added preservatives, this lovely product will brighten, even out skin tone and reduce excess pigmentation. 

Pros: Cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic, made from natural ingredients, vegan product. 

Cons: Expensive for the quantity. 


1. What to eat to reduce pigmentation?

Tomatoes, mangoes, spinach, canned tuna, flax seeds.


2. What is the shelf life of pigmentation creams?

6 months to a year.

3. Do pigmentation creams have side effects?

Depending on your skin type, it may cause dryness and redness. 

4. Types of treatment apart from creams to cure pigmentation?

Chemical peels, cryotherapy, microdermabrasion. 

Now that you have our list of the best, it’s time you start shopping! 


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