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These *Hydrating* Products Will Solve ALL Your Dry Skin Woes… You’ve Got To Try Them!

These *Hydrating* Products Will Solve ALL Your Dry Skin Woes… You’ve Got To Try Them!

Winter may be a few months away, but dry, flaky skin is a year-round phenomenon. While you should go to the spa every month, the best way to guard yourself is with the best moisturisers with humectants and other hydrating ingredients. Here are some heavy duty moisturisers that help nourish and repair skin! #Nomoredryskin

1. Repair it


Your skin regenerates at night when you sleep. Make most of the snooze time by investing in a high-quality night cream like Clinique’s Smart Night Custom Repair Moisturizer for very dry to dry skin. This basically acts as a catalyst and accelerates the process to wake up to hydrated skin!

Price: ₹ 3,390. Buy it here.

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2. Mask it


Sheet masks are easy to use and usually bursting with moisture which is exactly what dry skin needs. Masks with collagen add an extra firming boost that will help in the long run. Try this one by Vedic Line.

Price: ₹ 350  . Buy it here.

3. Moisturising Sunscreen


Sun damage can dry out skin even more, which is why it is imperative that we choose a sunscreen that is not only high in SPF but also super moisturising. Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protect Protector is enriched with Vitamin E that really locks in moisture and soothes skin.

Price: ₹ 300. Buy it here.


4. Liquid Foundation


When your skin is dry the last thing you need is make-up that further dries your skin. A good, liquid foundation will help keep your skin from looking too matte. Remember to moisturise before using foundation, or you could use a multi-faceted one like the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation with SPF 40.

Price: ₹ 5,600. Buy it here.

5. You still need to exfoliate


Dead skin can also contribute to skin looking drier than usual, which is why a good exfoliating routine is key. What many people forget to do is moisturize with either a body mist or cream after exfoliating. Scrubs like Ahava’s for dry skin helps to retain all your natural oils but get rid of dead skin. Perfect!  

Price: ₹ 4,064. Buy it here.


6. BB cream


When it comes to daily use, instead of using your normal foundations, try opting for a BB cream. These little miracle tubes not only give you an even skin tone but also has enough of a cream based to keep the skin supple all day long. This one by NYX hydrates and primes skin for a flawless finish.

Price: ₹ 1,000. Buy it here.

7. Wax it off


Waxing can cause dry skin to look duller than usual. But now there are waxes that are made specifically for this issue. Rica White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax for dry skin is very gentle and is made from Theobroma cacao that has therapeutic properties.

Price: ₹ 903. Buy it here.


Homemade Hair Moisturizers

8. Daily body lotions


When it comes to daily and after bath creams, it’s all about simple yet effective products. The Classic Nivea Soft cream has been used by women for generations and they all swear by it.

Price: ₹ 64. Buy it here.

9. Don’t forget your hands


Sometimes we’re so obsessed with our faces and body that we forget our most overworked body part: our hands! Stash a hand cream in your handbag with good emollients. Remember, the AC further dries out your skin.


Price: ₹ 860. Buy it here.

10. Day face cream


Before you put your face on, you should use a nice lightweight cream with SPF to protect your skin throughout the day. Kaya’s Anytime Moisturising cream works for 24 hours, perfect for us girls who are at work from 9 to 5!

Price: ₹ 530. Buy it here.

11 Oct 2017

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