Too Many Pore-blems? Niacinamide Might Be Your Skin’s New BFF

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Sep 24, 2020
Too Many Pore-blems? Niacinamide Might Be Your Skin’s New BFF


There are so many terms in the beautyverse that it can sometimes get overwhelming and confusing. What are Retinoids? What is the difference between AHA and BHA? Should you be using retinol and peptides in your skincare regime? 

Relax and don’t get stressed cause we’re here to break it down for you. 

One ingredient that’s been gaining a lot of popularity online is niacinamide and IMO, it’s one of the skincare essentials- right up there with Retinol and Vitamin C. It normalises the skin’s oil production and keeps pores squeaky clean while also fading hyperpigmentation. 

So, here’s a lowdown of this incredible ingredient. Trust us, you’ll definitely want to incorporate it into your skincare regime after reading this. 

What Is Niacinamide?

Whether you’re a skincare expert or just now realising the importance of a good skincare routine, we bet you’ve used (or heard about) niacinamide before! Unlike Vitamin C or other kinds of alpha-hydroxy acids, it is much gentler on the skin.

It is essentially Vitamin B3 that’s used to diminish the appearance of fine lines, control the excess production of sebum, prevent moisture loss from the skin, keep it hydrated and supple, reduce the appearance of pores and fade blemishes.

Niacinamide’s oil-balancing properties (controls the production on excess sebum) may help you relive from acne too! But that’s not it, it can also combat redness and skin inflammation. Use it with your sunscreen and double the protection from the sun’s wrath!

How To Use Niacinamide?

So, how should one use niacinamide in their skincare routine for maximum benefit?

– If you have super sensitive skin, make sure you do a patch test in your skin before adding it to your skincare regimen.

– You can pretty much apply niacinamide any time; either with your morning skincare routine or at night before getting your beauty sleep. It works much better if you use it as a leave-in product and let it seep deeper into your skin. So, looks for toners or serums that have niacinamide to make it work!

– If you love using retinol (it can be pretty harsh on the skin and can cause redness), you may want to use a niacinamide based product before using retinol. This will not only protect your skin but will also help reduce redness caused by it.

– If you are someone whose skin always becomes a playground for acne around periods, you should definitely think about giving niacinamide a try as it can help control acne.

Niacinamide Products You Need On Your Top Shelf

We bet you’re aching to give this miraculous ingredient a worthy try today. Here are some popular skincare products with niacinamide as their hero ingredient. Start adding these to the cart already!

Ready to give your skincare routine an upgrade?

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