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Skincare & Chill: This  Device Should Be Your Beauty Stash’s New Address This Summer

Skincare & Chill: This Device Should Be Your Beauty Stash’s New Address This Summer

You may be fancy but are you *I have a separate fridge for my skincare products* fancy? A fridge just for your skincare items? Yes, you read that right. Having a mini beauty fridge is the new cool (pun intended) in the beauty world!

Storing your skincare items (or makeup) is not an unheard-of concept. I can vouch for the fact that you will find a few items that your mother has kept in the fridge so that woh kharab na hojaye! And honestly, it’s genius. Keeping your skincare stash to chill is the best way to extend their shelf life but it does more than that!

We all have rubbed ice on our acne, put cold spoons on our baggy under eyes, and even applied a super chill sheet mask (I’m sure I ain’t the only one!) to calm irritation and quash redness. So it kinda does make sense to put all of our face creams, serums, and other items to put in the fridge, right?

Beauty Fridge: The Coolest Thing Beauty Device


A #Shelfie is the selfie in the world of skincare. Everyone loves showing off their colour coordinated skincare items that not only do wonders to our skin but also make our vanity look #InstaWorthy. And if you love to hoard more products than you really need (don’t feel attacked ‘coz you and I are in the same boat), there’s a 100% chance that most of your products will expire before you could use them to their full potential.

But do not worry, as we have a mini solution for this!

Beauty Fridge: Do You Really Need One?

Invest in a mini beauty fridge and never worry about your products going to the bad side. These miniature candy-hued machines will keep your products fresh and cool, which helps make our skin glow. The cold temperatures will help stabilize active ingredients, soothe irritated skin, and will calm any form of redness or rosacea. The cold product will also increase the chance of exfoliation and removal of the dead skin cells. Using cool products on our skin instantly revitalizes it, making it feel refreshed and more awake.

But, do we actually need it? I mean, can’t we just use the big ass refrigerator that we already have?

Honestly? Nobody *needs* a beauty fridge in their life but everyone wants it. I mean how cool it would be to have a fridge to store all your skincare items?! But if you do decide to splurge on this feel-good gadget, it’s a good investment.

What Can We Store In Our Beauty Fridge?

The answer we all want!

You can start by keeping your beauty rollers or the gua sha stones as using a cold facial massaging tools gets the blood pumping, making our face glow from within.

Storing your eye creams and gels is also a great idea. Just imagine, using a cold eye gel on your eyes after spending all day in front of your laptop!

Your facial serums, retinol, creams, mists, toners, sheet masks–all deserve a place in the beauty fridge.

How Can I Get My Hands On One?

It’s an add to cart kinda day today, isn’t it?

Trust me, once you’ve gone down the road of using cool skincare items on your face, there’s no returning to using your products the normal way!

Featured Image: Instagram / Beautyfridge.com

25 Jun 2020

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