Is Double Cleansing Really Worth The Hype? Dr Chytra Anand Spills The Beans

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 22, 2021
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Double cleansing is believed to be a Japanese and Korean beauty invention. Back in the early days, Japanese Geishas would use camellia oil first to remove their makeup. They would later follow it up with a foamy cleanser to wash away makeup residue. They needed to use cleansing oils to remove stage makeup as soapy cleansers weren’t as effective. 

This cleansing method got even more popular after the world was hit by the ‘Korean Wave’ (the global popularity of South Korean culture, entertainment and beauty trends) Simply put, double cleansing means cleansing twice. Instead of using one product to cleanse the skin, the Koreans encouraged us to use two. The first product is an oil cleanser, and the second is a water-based cleanser. While the oil-based cleanser helps to remove makeup and sunscreen, the water-based cleanser removes makeup residue, dirt and sweat. This cleansing technique ensures clean pores and dewy skin. 

While all of this information sounds too good to be true, I wanted to know from an expert if double cleansing is as effective as it claims to be in removing impurities from the skin. To throw light on the subject, I got in touch with the Celebrity Dermatologist and Founder of KosmoDerma Clinic, Dr Chytra Anand

How Effective Is Double Cleansing?

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According to Dr Chytra Anand, double cleansing means washing your face twice. It’s preferably done at night. The first cleanser is an oil-based one. This product is designed to remove all kinds of makeup, sunscreen and primer used on the face. After the first wash, you will have to follow it up with a second cleanser to wash away the remanents to clean the face of any telltale signs from the previous cleanser. Remember, the second cleanser has to be a mild non-irritating and non-drying product. 

How Should One Look After The Skin Post Double Cleansing?

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Dr Chytra Anand says that after cleansing the face, one can use a concentrated serum to nourish the skin like an HA or a growth factor serum. 

Then use a good ceramide-based moisturiser to seal the serum into the skin. Patients who have dry skin can use a nourishing and hydrating cream-based mask instead. This skincare routine helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin all through the night.

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Please note: Double cleansing is not meant for everyone. It all boils down to your skin type and the type of makeup you wear every day. For heavy makeup users and oily skin type people, double cleansing is extremely effective. If you’re someone who wears minimal to no makeup, just using a mild cleanser would be sufficient. 

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