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Add Raw Milk To Your Beauty Regimen To Make Both Your Skin & Grandmum Happy!

Add Raw Milk To Your Beauty Regimen To Make Both Your Skin & Grandmum Happy!

Enter the world of applying cold milk to your face and there’ll be no turning back to your old face wash. Milk is high in vitamins, biotin, potassium, calcium, lactic acid, magnesium, selenium, and protein, all of which are beneficial to your health. But did you know that raw milk can also be beneficial to your skin? Yes, milk can help you stay fit on the outside too.

Raw milk is a nutrient powerhouse, but very few of us realise it’s also good for your complexion. It is supposed to make skin healthy and glowing when used topically. Milk’s goodness was employed to keep the skin appearing young and supple in ancient times. Yes, it’s true. Today, milk is also used in a variety of skincare treatments due to its moisturising and nourishing characteristics. Moreover, milk helps to tighten the pores and controls excess sebum production. Here’s why we think raw cold milk is going to have a permanent spot in my skincare routine.

DIY Treatments With The Goodness Of Cold Raw Milk


The Perfect Cleanser

Lactic acid in milk draws dirt out by deeply cleansing clogged pores and eliminating acne-causing bacteria known as microorganisms that are present on your skin’s surface. The acne-affected area is soothed and calmed by raw milk. Cleaning your face with raw milk can be extremely beneficial for all skin types.

You’ll Need:

2 tablespoons of raw milk
Cotton ball


Step 1: Combine two tablespoons of raw milk with a pinch of turmeric for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Mix thoroughly.

Step 2: Soak a cotton ball in it and gently rub it on your face and neck.

Step 3: Rinse your face with cold water.

Refreshing Toner

Have you ever considered using milk as a toner? This excellent ingredient continues to astound us! Raw milk is a fantastic toner for all skin types, particularly oily skin. It benefits the skin by toning and enhancing the suppleness of the face muscles. Let’s look at how to use milk as a toner to get the benefits.

You’ll Need:

  • 2 tablespoons of raw milk
  • 4-5 drops of rose water


Step 1: Combine the two ingredients and apply with a cotton ball to your face after cleansing.

Step 2: For best results, leave it on your skin overnight, but if you don’t want to sleep with milk on your face, wash it off after a few minutes with lukewarm water.

The Moisturising Face Mask

A raw milk face mask has numerous skin benefits and is one of the most basic, easy, and effective options accessible today. And, when combined with multani mitti, it can be the perfect face mask for you. Overall, this ingredient aids in the removal of dark spots and patches, the healing of tanning and acne, and the reduction of wrinkles, skin damage, and fine lines.

You Need: 

  • 2 tablespoons of raw milk
  • Multani mitti (fuller’s Earth)


Step 1: Combine two tablespoons of raw milk with multani mitti for added skin benefits.

Step 2: Spread it all over your face, massage it in for two minutes, and then leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3: Then, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Allow your skin to breathe by avoiding harmful chemical products and pamper it with the richness of milk.

Featured Image: Pexels

30 May 2022

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