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6 Game-Changing Benefits Of Castor Oil You Wish You’d Known Sooner

6 Game-Changing Benefits Of Castor Oil You Wish You’d Known Sooner

You probably didn’t realise this before, but castor oil is an essential product that every beauty maven should own because it frankly is quite amazing. Whether you’re looking to grow back your tresses within a deadline, remove a suntan or get those baby pink lips, there are numerous benefits this natural oil serves up. And most of the time, the results are instantaneous and are sure to amaze you. Don’t believe us? Check out the various uses of castor oil listed below and put them to the test. 

P.S.: You will surely be stocking up on this magical elixir as soon as you run out of your first bottle.

The Game-Changing Benefits Of Adding Castor Oil To Your Beauty Routine


You Can Kiss Hair Fall Goodbye

If you haven’t tried castor oil to treat hair fall yet, you’re missing out! This natural carrier oil is one of the most amazing and effective home remedies to treat falling or thinning hair. A simple hot oil head massage with castor oil is all you need to indulge in to witness reduced hair fall in no time. Heat up the oil in a bowl and use a cotton ball to dab the oil all over your scalp. Massage it in and detangle your locks with a wide toothed comb. Wash off the oil with shampoo and notice how your hair fall is already less even in the shower. Stick to using this remedy only once a week for best results.

Those Brows Will Look Wow

This amazing natural oil is said to help promote hair growth and also prevent premature greying. Using it on your brows will help keep them looking dark and thick which is oh so desirable. You can try exfoliating your brows with an eyebrow scrub made out of castor oil and sugar to improve blood circulation and boost brow growth. After washing the scrub off, your brows will look fluffier and feel healthier and nourished as well.

Makeup Can Go Without A Fight

Always find it difficult to remove long-lasting makeup? Let castor oil lend you a helping hand. It can be used to gently and effectively remove all traces of makeup without your skin feeling even a tiny bit of discomfort. Since castor oil has skin conditioning and softening benefits as well as antimicrobial properties, your skin will feel soft and clean after makeup removal. Just smear on castor oil and massage it on your face and then take a cotton pad and wipe off your makeup. Make sure to rinse with a face wash after this step.

Your Lash Game Will Flourish

Ever longed for longer, thicker eyelashes? Castor oil is here for you. Castor oil can be used as a lash serum to condition your lashes and boost their volume naturally. The old methods would require you to just swipe castor oil on your lashes with your fingers, but you can now also use a spoolie to apply it. The oil makes your lashes darker and shinier in a few weeks and the fat content in the oil adds volume to the strands.

No Need To Worry About Acne

Castor oil has wound-healing abilities and can also calm down inflammation and irritation instantly. As acne flare-ups can get painful sometimes, a castor oil treatment can help calm down the situation. Topically applying castor oil to huge boils or pimples as a spot treatment will help lessen the pain and eventually reduce the size of the lesion. It will also fight off bacteria thanks to its antimicrobial properties and keep the area hydrated with its high content of fatty acids.

Thy Skin Shall Glow

Rich in ricinoleic fatty acids, castor oil makes for a highly moisturising oil that can treat extremely dry skin. The oil feels much thicker in consistency than most other carrier oils which is just because it is that much more moisturising. Parched skin will instantly drink up castor oil and replenish its barrier to appear healthy and more youthful. Using castor oil as a body moisturising treatment is a good idea if you want to attain gorgeous skin. Mix 100 ml of castor oil with 20 drops of any essential oil of your choice and massage it on clean skin. 

Pumpkin Seeds Benefits

If you can’t bother with using home remedies to treat your beauty concerns, these amazing products can help replicate the benefits of castor oil in your beauty routine. We recommend:

Add castor oil to your beauty routine today and be amazed by its effects.

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27 Jan 2022

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