Oh Sheet! Here’s Why A Face Mask Is Like Superfood For Your Skin

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 6, 2020
Oh Sheet! Here’s Why A Face Mask Is Like Superfood For Your Skin


Close your eyes and imagine this-you’re relaxing in a balcony facing the seaside. You’re wearing the fluffiest bathing robe, a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. Your pretty face is covered in a nice layer of a detoxifying face mask and all you can hear are the relaxing sounds of seagulls!


Now coming back to reality, you’re in your bedroom, lying down and reading why you should apply a face mask every once in a while!


Why A Face Mask Might End All Your Skin Woes

There’s something magical about a face mask, isn’t it? For those few minutes, we start to believe that, this is going to fix everything! All those days I didn’t wear sunscreen, all those zits I picked at… 😛

But on a serious note, here are some of the truly magical beauty benefits of face masks.

Instant Results

Admit it, you cannot stop admiring your skin (and yourself) after removing a face mask. Whether it’s a sheet mask or a mud mask, the results are always instant – your skin is glowing, the complexion looks clearer, pores are minimized, redness or inflammation (if there was any) are nowhere to be seen and our skin in general looks fresh AF!

Relaxing AF

Apply a nice layer of a mud face mask/sheet mask (or get creative and whisk one!) and just chill. The first rule of masking- keep your face as still as a statue once it’s on your face as you might get premature wrinkles if you’re constantly talking while your mask is almost dried up. Forget about the world for a minute and simply let your mask do its work. Wash your face and pat it dry. 

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If you have dry skin or your skin has been acting up lately, there’s nothing a face mask can’t fix. Face masks are packed with amazing hydrating agents such as, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin e, glycerin, propylene glycol, etc. that help hydrate, exfoliate and brighten our parched skin, leaving it feeling happy and glossy. Once you find the right face mask for your skin type, there’s no going back!

If your skin is really dry, buy sheet masks, slap one of ’em on for 15-20 minutes and massage the remaining serum on your face and neck after removing it.

Helps Combat Skin Issues

The best part about face masks? They come in multiple varieties!

There’s a face mask available for every type of skin issue. Acne-prone skin, dry skin, combination skin, for dull skin, sensitive skin – there is one face mask customised for you. If that wasn’t variety enough, you can pick between different types of face masks. Think sheet masks, glitter masks, collagen masks, clay masks, peel-off masks, ice masks, lace face masks and whatnot.

There’s never going to be a dull day if you master the art of multi-masking!

Cute Selfies

That’s the beauty of it!

You can most definitely have fun with your pretty masks. Tie your hair in a bun, get some work done, play with your pet and of course- post cute selfies on the ‘Gram.

My hobbies? I’m a pro at multi-masking!

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