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Jamsu: All You Need To Know About Bella Hadid’s Go-To Korean Makeup Hack To Ace That Base

Jamsu: All You Need To Know About Bella Hadid’s Go-To Korean Makeup Hack To Ace That Base

If you’ve ever tried to zoom into Bella Hadid’s pictures and wondered how she has such gorgeous skin, here’s her secret. When it comes to setting up her ideal makeup base, the supermodel resorts to a Korean beauty hack called ‘Jamsu’. It is quite a weird technique that helps set your foundation and concealer in such a way that it looks just like your skin, but better in the literal sense. Needless to say, we all need in on this trend because who doesn’t want to get that model-like base that seems poreless and oil-free?

This hack is a boon for oily skin types as well! The Jamsu technique is highly popular in South Korea and is a favourite of one of the world’s highest paid models as well.

What Is The Jamsu Makeup Hack?

The Korean word ‘Jamsu‘ literally translates to ‘submergence’ and that is exactly what this hack requires you to do. The process calls for dunking your face in an ice bath with your base makeup on so that it merges with your skin and delivers the smoothest finish. This hack is said to shrink your pores and offer the most mattified skin ever, therefore making it ideal for those of you with excessively oily skin types. Your foundation gets blended seamlessly with this hack and it also lasts longer.

How To Use The Jamsu Technique To Set Your Base 

Step 1: All Skin 

Just like any other makeup routine, you first need to get your skin prepped to the T. Double cleanse your skin to draw out all impurities effectively and then apply a toner and moisturiser. Wait a few seconds for your moisturiser to completely be absorbed into your skin before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Touch Base 

Now, time for your base makeup application. Prep your skin with a makeup primer of choice and then blend on a foundation with a damp beauty sponge. Use a concealer on areas that require extra coverage. 

Step 3: Powder Puff

Once you’re done applying foundation and concealer, sweep a liberal amount of translucent setting powder all over your face just like you would do if you wanted to bake your under eye area. Make sure there is a thin layer of translucent setting powder all over your face and don’t worry if you see a white cast.

Step 4: Ice, Ice, Baby

After layering your base with powder, take a bowl of water filled with ice cubes and dunk your face in it. Hold your breath and stay in the ice bath for 15 to 20 seconds. Now, take your face out and pat your skin dry with a paper towel.

Step 5: Dust It Off

If you find that there is still some powder remaining that is clumped on your skin after you have patted it dry, simply swipe it off with a brush to reveal an oil-free base that looks ever so beautiful. You can now go ahead and apply your contour, blush, and highlighting products. 

The Jamsu technique is sure to wow you but also is quite wild. Would you try out this makeup hack? Something tells us all you oily skin beauties should definitely give this one a go.

Featured Images: Instagram

16 Jun 2022

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