25 Beauty Secrets EVERY Girl Should Know Before She Turns 25

Sue CastellinoSue Castellino  |  Jun 19, 2017
25 Beauty Secrets EVERY Girl Should Know Before She Turns 25


We’re feeling inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen lyrics, but from a beauty perspective. There are some truths that the older you get, the more you’d wish you’d known about them earlier. So here are some things that every girl at 25 ought to know. The key to being forever young comes from investing in sound advice and great products at an early age. If you’re turning 25 this year, we suggest printing this list of beauty truths out and turning it into a checklist or beauty bible!

1. Facials are a girl’s best friend, not diamonds

1 beauty truths - brunette getting a facial

If you’re in your 20s and you’re still breaking out and have dull, tired, patchy skin – then it’s time to get monthly facials. There is a facial for each face and a good salon/dermatologist will be able to advise you on what’s best for you skin needs. A good clean-up once a month is the perfect way to start fighting the wrinkle battle sooner rather than later.

2. Don’t be lazy, clean out your makeup bag

In case it didn’t occur to you, makeup does expire. So keep checking your products and do a bi-yearly beauty product spring clean. Old makeup can clog pores, cause breakouts and rashes and even dry out skin. Plus if you haven’t used it in years, it’s probably time to let go and trash it.

3. Exercise for half an hour even if you hate it!

A quick jog, a few crunches or even a brisk walk to Starbucks every day will improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body giving you that instant glow. Also, a little sweat is good for you as it rids the body of toxins to naturally achieve better looking skin.

4. Give your hair a break

If you find yourself reaching for your irons every day, you will be causing more damage than is necessary. Find an everyday routine that has minimal heat requirement, and when possible go au-natural! That also goes for intense perms or straightening treatments. While the one-off procedure is fine, regular use of these harsh chemicals will damage and weaken hair on a more permanent level. We’re sure you’d want your hair in whatever state when you’re touching 50!

5. An all body after-bath routine

5 beauty truths - after bath routine

Fresh skin straight from the bath needs attention, don’t just rush out of the bathroom, but set aside a few minutes of extra pampering. Invest in a good all-over body moisturiser, and apply it to your squeaky clean skin. It’s you’ve got the extra time during the weekends, use a light exfoliation treatment, to not only get rid of dead skin but to also firm-up cellulite prone areas. Looking young isn’t just about the face you know!

6. Tell yourself a beauty bedtime story

Patchy skin, dreaded crows-feet and wrinkles are bound to happen, so gather up all your will power and start to take care of your face and NECK! We suggest having a side table drawer dedicated to all things beauty related. Your night cream, under eye gel, anti-wrinkle cream, toner, cleanser – get everything in one place so that you don’t get lazy and skip this crucial step. Getting this practice down to a science will have all your girlfriends 10 years from now envious of your flawless skin.

7. Remember to switch off and sleep

It’s not just for the bags under your eyes and the dark circles. Lack of sleep causes dull and dehydrated skin, which is a precursor to looking older than you are. So listen to your mommy and get some Zzzz. Aim for a good 7 to 8 hours a night.

8. For every glass of wine, drink a glass of water.

Hangover aside, consuming alcohol has an effect on our liver, which is the body’s main man when it comes to detoxing. If you’ve ever seen anyone with liver failure, they usually look pale and pasty and have large pores. Who needs that? It’s also extremely dehydrating and causes skin to look and feel horrific the next day.  Yes, your 20s are for drinking the night away, but we suggest making it a habit to drink a glass of water with each drink. Not only does that help with the hangover, it’s also a much needed break on the liver and skin.

9. Don’t fall for those brow trends

9 beauty truths - brow trends

Whether it’s the new micro-blading or the 90s over-tweezing, find a brow style that suits you. Eye brows over time don’t grow back and become hell when you’re older and have done too much to them. Treat them with kindness and find a shape that best suits you – stick with it.

10. SUNSCREEN, like you haven’t heard that before!

It’s the most widely known yet seldom practiced beauty trick in the book. Sun damage is the number one cause for so many skin issues like pigmentation, sun spots, dryness, discoloration, sun burns – you get our drift! So, why haven’t you got a bottle of sunscreen in your car, your handbag, your office drawer, you kitchen drawer, you name it. Do whatever it takes to get some SPF on your skin before you head out the door. 20 years later you’ll be so glad you did.

11. Find your go-to nude lipstick

Every girl no matter her age needs an everyday nude lipstick. Luckily there are so many options out there at different price points, so it’s going to be a breeze finding one that suits you. Why don’t you plan a little lipstick shopping date with your bestie, and hit the cosmetics stores to swatch, take selfies and find the one (lipstick that is!).

12. Learn how to contour

It’s not for everybody, but we have to admit, a slight contoured face makes a world of difference. Whether you watch 100 tutorials online or get a consultation, find a simple process you can easily replicate. This will have you slaying, no matter what the occasion.

13. Always have make-up wipes on your bedside table.

13 beauty truths - makeup wipes

Don’t be lazy, and don’t wait for visible signs of wrinkles before you start to take this advice seriously. Sleeping with makeup is an absolute no-no. An easy trick is to have a box of makeup wipes, or makeup remover near your bed ensuring you never skip this step.

14. Don’t go overboard on the makeup

So often you find girls going for statement eyes and lips and highlighter and bronzer – only to look like a hot mess. When it comes to life and makeup K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) is the word. Go with either eyes or lips or skin, focus on one aspect and nail it rather than go over the top.

15. Experiment in your 20s

‘Enjoy yourself…that’s what your 20s are for. Your 30s are to learn the lessons. Your 40s are to pay for the drinks’- Carrie Bradshaw. We have to agree to disagree with Carrie on this one. Don’t wait till your 30s to learn the lessons. Find that perfect haircut, experiment with bangs, or have that awkward fashion sense nobody but you gets. Find a style whether it’s for hair, makeup or fashion in your 20s – this way you’ll look super poised in your 30s.

16. It is okay to shave your face

Yes, we said it and so have countless beauty bloggers and gurus! Normal, hairy Indian women don’t have the time to run to the salon every day to get rid of unsightly hair. Either use tweezers or get yourself a lady razor and learn how to use it the right way. Don’t worry, most women who have been shaving can tell you that it doesn’t come back thicker or darker. Start your research now!

17. Hair spas are not to be taken for granted

17 beauty truths - hair spas

Your hair just like your skin needs attention. Find a monthly routine, whether it’s oiling or getting a treatment at the spa to pamper your hair. Talk to your stylist at your salon, there are so many excellent treatments nowadays that can work miracles to strengthen and protect hair.

18. Don’t pick at your face

We’re so used to popping zits or prodding at old acne scars that we forget how much damage we’re doing to our skin. Fight the urge to fidget with your face, especially with dirty hands! Go to a dermatologist once every few months for a check-up and find products and routines that work for you. Then stick to them!

19. Quit smoking sooner than later

It’s clinically proven that smoking ages you quicker than the average person, so if you can kick the butt, we suggest you do. Besides it’s a nasty habit and all your friends and family (and body) will be happy you gave it up.

20. Exfoliate!

Most of us forget to give ourselves a good scrub down. Yet, it’s so vital, a good exfoliating shower gel or face wash can make all the difference. You need to get rid of dead skin cells, to make place for fresh looking skin.

21. Don’t throw that beer out

21 beauty truths - wash your hair with beer

It may sound gross, but the vitamin B and proteins found in Malt or Hops beer are really helpful in repairing damaged hair. Also the sugar present in beer can tighten and strengthen hair cuticles. So before you decide to throw that beer away, maybe try putting it in a disposable shampoo bottle for later.

22. What you eat shows up.. everywhere!

You are what you eat, it’s been said a 100 times because it’s true. Oily, greasy and fatty foods can cause breakouts. Not to forget, the more unhealthy foods your body processes, the more the appearance of cellulite – now who wants that?! Watch what you eat as best you can, and when you can’t – learn to spend those calories on something that is truly worth it, and not just easy-to-eat junk food.

23. Don’t forget your feet!

It’s very normal to spend every waking moment protecting your face, but your feet also show signs of aging and damage. Remember to moisture frequently and invest in good products. Once every 2 weeks we suggest using a good foot cream and sleeping with socks to give yourself an at-home foot spa. Say bye bye to cracked damaged heels.

24. When you can’t hide those tired eyes

We all have those days when no matter what you do, your eyes looks tired and gaunt. In that case a little shimmer shadow will do the trick. Opt for a gold or light shimmer shade and apply a bit to the inner corner of your eyes. This will instantly give you that ‘awake’ look.

25. Grey hair isn’t a problem

25 beauty truths - grey hair

If you spot one (or a few) grey hairs, don’t panic and please don’t rush to the salon to get it dyed. Colouring greys is a vicious cycle, and you can begin that fight in your mid-30s. Learn to love your hair, greys and all. If you can’t though, get yourself some root cover hair mascaras and fight the urge to colour!

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