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The Only 5 Beauty Tools You Need During The Pandemic

The Only 5 Beauty Tools You Need During The Pandemic

We all went through that phase at the beginning of the pandemic when lockdowns commenced and we were absolutely cut off from our monthly grooming requirements. Eyebrows grew out, body hair became more prominent, mani-pedi sessions were no longer an option, even simple blow-drying visits were out of the question. While some of us survived and embraced that way of living, many of us felt out of place and unlike ourselves. Basic grooming essentials are must-haves especially if we might be cut off from salons again. That’s why these handy beauty tools are what you should stock up on ASAP if you don’t want to be left high and dry should another serious lockdown be set in motion.

Handy Beauty Tools That You Should Invest In Right Away!


The Brow Shaper

Brow shaping and trimming tools are the need of the hour and everyone should have one of these babies in their grooming kit. Brow razors and electric brow trimmers are two kinds of brow shaping tools you can invest in which are sure to come to your rescue in times of need. Speaking from experience, they are fairly easy to use provided you stick to removing only strands that are growing out of your previous brow shape. Bonus: these tools are absolutely pain-free.

The Hair Saviour

If you haven’t invested in a good blow dryer already, now is the time to do so. Air drying your locks is all good, but sometimes you do wish to style your locks into smoother, refined hairstyles and this tool can be that multi-tasking product that will give what you want. Unless you are skilled enough to perfectly curl your locks with a hair straightener, a blow dryer is much easier to use for both straight and wavy hairstyles. Even if you have natural curls and like to maintain them, a blow dryer comes with various diffusing heads for both straight and curly hair maintenance.

Body Hair Eliminators

Whether you prefer waxing or shaving, an electric hair remover tool with an interchangeable epilator and shaving heads is what you should invest in right away. They are easy to use and give you amazing results. 

The Multi-Tasking Steamer

From decongesting your nose and throat to allowing your essential oil’s aromas to fill the room, facial steamers these days have stepped up their game and they are a highly essential tool to have in such times. Not only will it help you perform a facial at home but it will also help you destress with aromatherapy essential oils and help get rid of cold and cough.

The Foot Exfoliator

If in-salon pedicure appointments are no longer available, you will have to take matters into your hands. Foot scrubs can only slough off dead skin cells from your feet, but for some more hands-on exfoliating action a pumice stone is ideal. An electric pumice stone tool will make at-home pedicures a breeze. It can effectively remove calluses and smoothen your feet. You can actually indulge in a relaxing pedicure sesh with this tool instead of sweating it out by manually scrubbing your feet.

If staying constantly sanitized is on your checklist, we recommend:

Get your hands on these essential beauty tools and be self-reliant, lockdown or no lockdown!

Featured Images: Pexels

14 Jan 2022

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