10 Beauty Tips & Tricks To Help Hide Dark Circles Like A Pro

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jan 10, 2022
10 Beauty Tips & Tricks To Help Hide Dark Circles Like A Pro


Now that we’ve spent months staring at ourselves on screen, it can be clear that dark circles can show up that much more intensely on camera than when you’re in the mirror- the fluorescent lighting can make the pigmentation look more pronounced and darker. Dark circles continue to betray us time and again! 

While it can come down to be a complicated combination of genetics, hydration, and yes, our not-so-stellar sleep habits. What can be done is a little magic with makeup. Figuring out the best makeup trick to mask it is key, and that’s where we come in. While the ‘golden bloom’ filter on Instagram can help you look less bleary-eyed and more awake, we are rounding up the best makeup tips to improve brightness without using virtual tools. But it’s not just about dabbing some concealer on and calling it a day. There’s an art to it. Here are some tricks to keep in mind.

Makeup Tricks For Dark Circles


Use A Cooling Eye Pack Before Makeup

Use cool eye gels, an ice pack or a cool teaspoon on the eyes and massage around the area. The coolness helps constrict the blood vessels, and the pressure can activate the body’s natural response to drain the pooled fluid in the area. Alternatively, using a cold jade roller will also do the trick.

Moisturise Well By Applying An Eye Cream Or Serum

Just a little bit will do, though. Massage slowly using your ring finger and only apple cream on your ocular bone, not close to your lash. You can apply it with an eye massaging tool as well. Then, take a full coverage concealer that gives your flexibility for application.

Use An Eye Primer

We recommend using an eye primer to get a good hydrated base for your concealer and eye makeup. The key is to have a seamless finish and an eye primer provides the perfect base. 

Use A Colour Corrector

You can use just a foundation over really dark circles as it will show up ashy. A corrector uses colour theory to cancel out the tones of bruised eyes and pigmentation so you can conceal on top. Use an orange colour corrector to neutralise the purple tones in the skin. Apply in thin layers, and use a push-press method to get a translucent wash of orange and then you can conceal on top.

Blend In A Concealer

It’s best to use a light-reflective formula that’s a shade lighter than your skin to brighten up the area. Pick a concealer that works for your skin type. Use the pads of your fingers to push-press it in. If you need to add more pigment, add it in thin layers. Your concealer should be the last step when it comes to eye makeup. First, put on your full face of foundation, then move to your eye makeup, before finishing off your face with concealer. This order ensures that you cover up any powder that might have fallen from your shadow application. 

The Application Trick

When applying concealer under the eyes, avoid the lower lashes area. We’re usually darker in the inner corner of the eye, close to the nose. That’s what makes us look tired, That is where you want to apply concealer first. Then, spread it with a brush. We love this brush for applying concealer. 

Use The Inverted Triangle Strategy

You’ve probably been dotting concealer in a half-moon shape for years, but an inverted triangle is the better strategy. Not only does it help draw attention upward toward the eye, but it also helps sculpt out the cheekbone. Make sure to extend the concealer all the way to the inner corner of the eye. 

Go Back With More Concealer

Once you’ve blended in your first base of concealer, you might have to go back with more. Use a layering technique to draw right over any remaining darkness. This is an especially good tip for blue veins. If you have blue under your eyes, draw right where you see the darkness. 

Set It Well

Use blotting paper to take down the shine in the area, and then use a small brush to apply setting powder in the area. If your makeup looks cakey, use a translucent powder followed by a fine mist fixing spray. 

Highlight Your Cheekbones

Highlighting your cheekbones also goes a long way to detract from puffy under-eye circles. You can use anything from lip gloss to eye shadow to create a hint of shimmer in a C shape from brow to the cheekbone.

Perk up those peepers!

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