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From Alia Bhatt To Priyanka Chopra: A Roundup Of Healthy Beauty Secrets B-Town Divas Swear By

From Alia Bhatt To Priyanka Chopra: A Roundup Of Healthy Beauty Secrets B-Town Divas Swear By

There’s more to being gorgeous than putting on stunning lipstick. Sure, a facial, massage, or a trip to your favourite salon every now and then might work wonders, but inner and exterior beauty requires a little more. So, what are the top secrets that keep successful women of all ages on track and thriving? To be honest, these women have some healthy lifestyle choices in common, regardless of their age or stage in life.

Scroll on as we unravel their most coveted beauty secrets, and they’ll give you all the cues to shake things up a bit.

Here’s The Tea On B-Town Celebs’ Beauty Tips & Secrets!


Priyanka Chopra Enjoys Whipping Up Her Own Face Mask At Home

Priyanka Chopra has a wealth of beauty tips and recipes that have been passed down for generations and still work like magic. According to PeeCee, yoghurt is the essential ingredient in a simple treatment that will brighten your complexion and erase dullness. Simply mix equal parts of yoghurt and oats (12 tablespoons each) with 1–2 teaspoons of turmeric. Combine all of the ingredients, apply, and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Deepika Padukone Swears By Drinking A Lot Of Water

This stunning actress is a great believer in keeping her skin hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day. Deepika asserts that drinking water flushes toxins out of the body and maintains skin and hair health. She also insists on removing her makeup before going to bed every night. This is one piece of skincare advice she never forgets.

Kiara Trusts Her Mom’s DIY Skin Exfoliation Recipe

In a recent interview, Kiara revealed that she exfoliates her skin with a special besan and malai paste. It allows her to achieve a healthy glow without spending a lot of money. She also mentioned that she believes in using natural skincare products. Kiara swears by applying raw tomato to her face for radiant skin, and she highly recommends this beauty trick.

‘Less Is More’ Is Anushka Sharma’s Mantra

Anushka Sharma’s healthy-looking and always-glowy skin is the talking point whenever she steps out. She, on the other hand, goes to great lengths to get her dewy, radiant skin. Her skincare routine, involves everything from workouts to a healthy diet. She is a firm believer in the adage ‘less is more.’ To keep her skin nourished, she starts with a cream cleanser and then moisturises with rose water and cocoa butter.

Alia Bhatt Never Skips Her Ice Facial

Alia manages to look young at all times. Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind her flawless skin? The actress swears by an ice facial in the morning to keep her skin looking fresh and minimise morning puffiness.

Malaika Arora Can’t Get Enough Of A Freshly Cut Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera gel, according to Malaika, is her holy grail. Her skin loves freshly scooped aloe vera gel from her very own home garden. It is a natural ingredient that she swears by for her skin. Fresh aloe vera is suitable for most skin types, so anyone can use it. Simply cut one piece, split it open, and scoop up the gooey goodness from within to use as a cooling mask for your face. After a while, rinse it with cold water, and voilà! All day long, your skin will feel fresh and smooth.

Which of these beauty secrets is your personal favourite?

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16 Jun 2022

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