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Ladies, Stock Up On These Beauty Supplies For All Your Salon-At-Home Needs

Ladies, Stock Up On These Beauty Supplies For All Your Salon-At-Home Needs

Like me, if you miss your salon visits too, add these kits to your cart ‘coz, let’s face it, we aren’t stepping outta our houses anytime soon but can sure make the salon come home to us.

Beauty Kits For A Much-Needed Salon Day

Are you ready to bring the salon to your home? Here you go!

Facial Kits

Getting a facial treatment after a long day at work was my favourite way to de-stress and chill. Since, at this point, I would rather catch my crush kissing someone else than another human touching my face, I order mini facial kits to have a facial day at home! It’s honestly so therapeutic and you can literally do it anytime you want. Just dim the lights, play your favourite kind of music (we are big fans of a Netflix show running in the background) and treat yo self, girl.

Face Cleanup Tools

Blackheads are so annoying. I would like to have a word with the concerned person who came up with the concept of acne and blackheads because they are definitely not liked by anyone at all. To get a salon-like thorough cleanup at home, you need the right tools to get started. P.S. don’t forget to apply a cooling and soothing mud pack after you’re done.

Eyebrow Essentials

Eyebrows are something that you should leave to the experts because a bad eyebrow can ruin your mood, your day…your entire life! Use tweezers to pluck out the extra hair one by one or a special eyebrow shaver to remove the excess hair for utmost precision (read to prevent brow disasters).

A Manicure Set

TBH, I miss my manicurist more than I miss my man because she understands exactly what I want, no questions asked. The way she did my nails, hand massages, and those extensive nail appointments, ah! But no worries as we have manicure sets and press-on nails to fill that void. Thank God!

Pedicure Tools

Don’t you just hate it when dead skin gets accumulated around your feet, especially near the heels, and you can’t even go get a pedicure done? Ugh! Order a DIY pedicure kit to get rid of dead skin and rough and cracked heels or a callus removal to get soft and beautiful feet in no time.

Wax Strips

Get rid of the unwanted hair from your body with a single pull…of a waxing strip. You can either order ready to use cold wax strips or make DIY sugar wax at home. If you are open to experimenting with your hair removal method, epilators are an investment to make. Of course, there are razors and hair removal creams too. Whatever you prefer.

Hair Spa Supplies

Taking care of hair is the easiest thing to do RN as all we gotta do is tie them up in a bun until the next hair wash. But did you know that you’re actually harming your hair by keeping them tied up at all times? What to do, you ask? Tie your hair in a ponytail when needed and, once a week, treat your tresses to a deep conditioning mask. Do an at-home hair spa to keep your mane happy and healthy, just like you get one done at your fave salon! #ProTip: Go the extra mile and add regular oiling to your hair ritual.

Salon? We don’t need her.

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20 Jul 2020

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