10 Skincare Struggles EVERY Indian Girl Has During Summer!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  May 12, 2017
10 Skincare Struggles EVERY Indian Girl Has During Summer!


We just love summer cocktails and dresses, don’t we girls? But unfortunately, sipping iced drinks and soaking up the sun comes with its own set of problems. Here are 10 struggles every Indian girl faces during the summer!

1. Tanning, FTW!

Damn you, sun tan! We just hate the fact that we have to keep ourselves completely covered because the scorching heat not only melts us but also causes tanning and dullness. We. Just. Hate. It!  But we have the Oxylife Bleach that helps us battle this issue! *smug*

1 beauty struggles every girl has

2. When your makeup starts melting…

After we’ve spent a considerable amount of time contouring our faces to perfection, it’s SO annoying when the effort gets ruined. The blazing heat causes the most stubborn (read waterproof) makeup to run down our face.

3. Dull and lifeless skin!

The summer sun, combined with the heat, has the power to seriously affect our skin.The problem is that because of the soaring temperatures our loses moisture and becomes dull and lifeless, as it craves Oxygen. Our go-to solution for it? Oxylife Bleach, an expert-recommended bleach that takes care of all the summer skin woes – and it also contains active Oxygen. It has the power to bring life back to your skin!

4. Dark spots ruining those flawless moments

Those discoloured patches of skin on our face and hands that summer brings with itself? Aren’t they so annoying! It’s super hard to deal with them and they are just big spoilers right before that most awaited date with a cutie. Thank God for Oxylife Bleach. Just saying!

4 beauty struggles every girl has

5. Uneven skin tone…ugh!

Ask any girl – it is such a pain when we have varying skin tones on different parts of our bodies. So, basically our hands are of one colour, face – a different shade and legs – let’s not even get there! Solution – bleach it up after every 21 days to keep uneven skin tones at bay.

6. It’s time to get a pedicure

We’re lazy and absolutely unapologetic about it! Since our feet are safe and cozy in closed-toed shoes all winter, our toe nails are SO not ready for flip-flop season!

7. Sweat stains!

Sweating is healthy and absolutely normal but the sweat stains and the body odour ruins our mood. After all we want to smell ah-mazing all day, don’t we?

7 beauty struggles every girl has

8. Those summer body goals (LOL)

Summer brings with it the hope and ambition to physically transform ourselves. We are all super motivated to start working out and achieve new fitness goals. But pizza is bae and there is not much left to say!

9. Pollution and sweat don’t make a very good combination

With the rise in pollution levels, our skin is prone to so many more troubles other than tanning and uneven skin tones. It starts to look dull and that sought after glow, is pretty much gone. Wondering how to deal with dull skin? We say, bleach your skin every 21 days to keep all these skin problems away at once!

10. When it feels like your skin will stick to the seat

Dresses are amazing and airy but girls who love them will also know the struggle of sitting on a car seat in peak summer. That burning hot seat is the worst!  

10 beauty struggles every girl has

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