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Stress-Busting Skincare Rituals To Try At Home

Breathe In, Breathe Out: 7 Beauty Rituals To Include In Your Self-Care Routine RN

Ever since the pandemic has started, we’ve been surrounded by an overwhelming quantity of information. Work-life has a bit of a blurrier line, with days packed with office zoom calls and household chores. Yes, the demands of quarantine life can be draining. There’s a silver lining though, the lockdown has certainly given us more time to invest in self-care. In this time of uncertainty, attempting to chill and indulge in self-care rituals is one of the best ways to elevate your mood and should be your top priority. Maybe you can dance around your living room, plan a virtual cocktail hour with your gal pals or take a long, hot bath. However, today we are gonna talk about some stress-busting skincare rituals because skin-care is self-care right? 

Keep swiping for the best self-care activity to reboot, unwind and pave your way to gorgeous skin from head-to-toe.


Feel-Good Self Care To keep To Beat The Lockdown Blues

Slather On A Calming Mask

Stressed? This calming face mask will do the trick. Soothing face masks have a way of encouraging both you and your skin to unwind. TBH, the best part of slapping on a mask is not just the mask itself. Rather, it’s the fact that you’ve time to settle in, grab a mask-safe-snack and give in to the ritual’s soothing process. 

Try A Soothing & Hydrating Hand Cream

Give your hand that extra TLC it needs. If you’re looking for a hand cream that smells incredible and doesn’t feel thick or greasy? Well, your search ends here. The smell will elevate your mood in a matter of seconds, leaving your hands feeling soft and supple.

Invest In Feel-Good Shower Products

Lean into feminine energy and try out indulgent shower products. Given that bathing products literally make or break our shower experience. Taking a hot water shower with candles and your favourite music gives an extremely peaceful vibe. To turn your basic 15-minute shower to aromatherapy, add refreshing bathing products to your repertoire – From creamy body washes to exfoliating scrubs to lotions – You’ll end up smelling as good as a baby.

Pamper Yourself With A Great-Smelling Body Lotion

Use body lotion at the end of your shower or bath routine. This will help bring a bit of a spa-like relaxing experience to your everyday life. These smell so good they’ve replaced our perfume, and will also keep your skin hydrated all day long. PS: Make it a point to apply it slowly because it’s way more relaxing.

Indulge In A Refreshing Body Mist

For an easy and quick  AF afternoon pick-me-up, spritz on a body mist to calm your senses. For days when you’re feeling a little off-balance, a refreshing body mist will help you feel rejuvenated and the subtle floral scent will linger all day long.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Eye Masks

Navigating social media and even watching the news can give your eyes and your emotional well-being a bit of battering. Thankfully, we have eye masks and there’s absolutely nothing quite like them. From cooling and soothing tired eyes to blocking out light and helping you sleep better, eye masks are our top picks for better sleep. Look for a fuss-free cooling eye mask that you can toss into the freezer but for a mask to help you sleep better, we recommend a fabric like silk or satin to minimize skin irritation.

Coz’ You Need Your Beauty Sleep

This mist will have you at the very first spray. We recommend spraying it all around your room when you want a super meditative experience, or sit in silence or just need a few minutes alone. All you need is an empty spray bottle, basil essential oil, lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, vodka (or witch hazel), and water. Mix the ingredients well & mist on your bed linen and body before bed for your best night’s sleep ever.

Already feeling happy as a clam, right?

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27 Apr 2021

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