Stressed Out? 5 Bedtime Rituals To Wake Up Feeling Fresh And Fabulous

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Apr 22, 2020
Stressed Out? 5 Bedtime Rituals To Wake Up Feeling Fresh And Fabulous


The people who say, “sleep is for the weak” do not know the importance of a good night’s rest. Sleep governs all of your bodily functions. It regulates your blood sugar levels, reduces the risk of you falling into depression, makes you more attentive and productive during work, aids metabolism and of course, rebuilds collagen. With all the coronavirus chaos happening outside, it’s natural to feel stressed and anxious. Prolonged stress can disturb your sleeping pattern too. 

One way to calm down is to focus on taking care of your skin. Get a pre-bed beauty routine in place. Looking after your skin will put the day’s stress to rest. If you have no clue where to start, I’ll guide you.

5 Beauty Rituals To Do Before You Snooze

I’m going to help you find a way to not only sleep better but also to wake up to bright, dewy skin in the morning.

Wash Your Face Before Bed

Sounds easy, right? But how many of us actually do it? Since we’re at home and our schedules have taken a backseat, we may not feel the urge to go for a bath or wash our face often. Some of you may even assume that your skin is clean because you haven’t worn makeup all day. You are wrong if you think this way. Regardless if you wear makeup at home or not, your skin is still exposed to dust particles at home, sweat and bacteria. If not washed off your face, these could clog your pores and cause breakouts. Even if you don’t perform any other self-care rituals, make sure you don’t skip this one. It will allow your skin to breathe and rejuvenate while you sleep. 

Don’t Forget To Apply Serum


Serums are pretty underrated in India, but I believe once you learn how wonderful they are, you’ll want to include them in your bedtime skincare routine too. Serums are packed with powerful active ingredients that provide the skin with antioxidants. They make your skin look youthful, radiant, smooth and oh-so-hydrated. A serum is meant to be applied after you cleanse your face and use a toner. Post serum application, always remember to moisturise!

Take In Some Steam

If your pores are congested with gunk and your complexion looks dull, you should take in some steam. You can either take in steam from a bucket filled with hot water and cover your hand with a towel or place a towel that’s soaked with hot water on your face. Do either of these methods for 3-5 minutes and splash some cold water on your face to close your pores. You can also add essential oil into the bucket of water for a spa-like experience. 

Massage Your Scalp


Now that you’ve looked after your skin, do the same for your hair and scalp. Twice or once a week, massage your scalp in circular motions with warm coconut or almond oil. The massage will help you to unwind and promote hair growth as well. You don’t have to wash your hair soon after, keep the oil on overnight and wash it off in the morning. 

Sleep On Your Back & On Silk Pillowcases

If the quality of your bedsheets and pillowcases are not up to the mark, your skin is going to be on the frontline. The fabric needs to be soft, light and not sticking to your skin. This will prevent premature ageing from taking place. Also, another thing, sleep on your back and try not to sleep on your tummy. Any pressure added, will negatively affect your skin causing fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, if your sheets aren’t clean, you could wake up to breakouts the next day. 

Beauty rest is your skin’s biggest superpower to radiant, youthful skin! Good luck catching those Zzzs.

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