Sheet Mask & Chill: 5 Beauty-Related Activities To Do With Bae On Your Stay-At-Home Date

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 5, 2021
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Staying in is so much better than going out! No, don’t @ us. Think about it, no need to spend so much time getting ready, picking out a place to eat, or spending money on overpriced food.

And it doesn’t have to be boring because there’s so much that you can do– order in your fave food, stream a show on Netflix or even introduce bae to your skincare regimen. We know you are inclining towards the last idea so we’re telling you amazing ways you and your boo can follow a beauty routine together.

Beauty Related Things To Do With Bae



Why not turn your home into a beauty paradise and do try on skincare (and makeup) products with the love of your life?

Oh Sheet, Why Didn’t We Think Of This?


Watching Netflix with a sheet mask on is such an underrated way of relaxing. On the days you just want to unwind after a long day, here’s what you can do. Dim the lights, slap on a sheet mask, and cuddle with bae. Watch a rom-com, murder documentary, or a vlog on YouTube– the possibilities are endless.

The A, B, And Cs Of Skincare


Instead of introducing bae to your dedicated skincare regimen, start with the basics; the good ‘ol CTM routine.

After you’ve successfully managed to convince your partner to follow all three steps for a week, it’s time to move on to the next level that involves the magical world of serums, facial oils, and skincare tools because trust us, it is going to take a lot of time for them to process everything.

Steam It Up


Did you know that creating your own DIY sauna is really easy? All you need is a water rod.

After filling a bucket full of water, turn on your water rod and let the water boil. Make sure you keep it at the maximum distance possible as it’s going to be hot AF. Once the bathroom starts becoming all steamy, take a diffuser and put some lavender (or any other) essential oil to create a calming environment and soak in the good energy while taking a shower together. Save water, you guys!

Fun Makeup Content For Your Instagram


We know that both you and your partner sometimes sacrifice your beauty sleep so you can talk to each other all night and that is how most of us wake up with panda eyes in the first place. We think it’s time you introduce him to the magical wand that we like to call a concealer.

Wait, we have a better idea– tell them about all the makeup products and what they do while you’re slaying their face with the same, and then ask them to do recreate the makeup look you just did!

Make sure you film that hilarious disaster or even better– post it on the ‘Gram for a couple of ‘awws’ and ‘how cutes’!

A Full On DIY Spa Experience


We’re talking about full-body massages, body scrub, slathering each other with skincare products, taking a bath together and everything in between. *wink wink*

You know the kinkiest stories start with a simple massage, right?

So, what are your plans with bae tonight? Hopefully, staying in? 😉

Featured Image: Instagram