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Better Late Than Never: 10 Products You Want To Use In Your 20s

Better Late Than Never: 10 Products You Want To Use In Your 20s

Turning back time, that’s the dream, isn’t it? We envy women blessed with porcelain skin and are always in awe of celebrities who always manage to grab the spotlight. The secret is to start early. Using quality products in your twenties will delay the signs of ageing, keeping you looking younger longer. Our list has some stellar beauty products that you can start implementing into your daily regime now — better late and never.


1. Sunscreen to the rescue

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We have all been told a gazillion times NOT to skip sunscreen but realistically we know we have. ALL THE TIME. The thing is, the repercussions of sun damage show up much later in your lives, but it is severe when it does. So when you’re in your teens and your early 20’s, if you skip sunscreen a lot more, the damage will not show up then, but later on in your 30s. This could be something as mild as accelerated ageing to pigmentation, dark spots and burns. So start early, and if sunscreen is too much of a hassle using SPF infused products as much as you. Just, do not go completely without sun protection.

POPxo recommends: M.A.C Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation (Rs 3250)

2. Avoid skipping a moisturiser.

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As you get older your skin tends to lose its natural moisture, making skin dry. A good daily moisturising routine will have your skin looking and feeling better way into your 30s. Whether you use a BB Cream or lotions made with all natural ingredients, make sure to get a good quality one and use it regularly. Make sure you pat the product instead of rubbing it into your skin. The lighter the hand, the better.

POPxo recommends: Avene Cleanance Mat Mattifying Emulsion (Rs 1126)

3. Indulge in a face mask.

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Whether you use sheet masks or face masques, get a weekly beauty treatment that will pamper and rejuvenate your skin. Hectic city life with its pollution, dirt and grime makes skin dull, which is why it is a good idea to make the time for a home spa session. We are loving these new mud-based products that are tailor-made to suit any skin type.

POPxo recommends: Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment (Rs 1,750)

4. Make most of face serums.

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Serums are the hottest thing right now, with beauty bloggers raving about their hydrating and nourishing properties. Most serums are oil based which is easily absorbed into the skin, making them effective with long-term results – just what you need if you’re trying to fight the battle against wrinkles!

POPxo recommends: Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation With SPF 45 (Rs 754)

5. Protect those peepers.

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All those hours of looking at your screen can not only affect your eyesight but also cause dark circles. It’s imperative to get a good eye cream or gel that targets fine lines and helps keep the delicate skin around the eyes protected. You may not feel like you need it in your 20s but using it will ward off early signs of ageing.

POPxo recommends: Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel Lightens and Refreshes (Rs 176)

6. Take off all your make-up.

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Skin needs to breathe, sleeping with makeup doesn’t allow this to happen which leads to acne, dull skin, uneven skintone and a host of other issues including ageing. Keep some make-up wipes on your bedside table which will act as a good reminder to take your make-up off.

POPxo recommends:  Kara Make-Up Removal Wipes With Seaweed And Lavender (Rs 125)

7. Give yourself a scalp massage.

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Premature greying is sometimes hereditary, but you can nourish your scalp and keep your hair healthy and thick, so it looks great even when you get older. Avoid using your hair irons every day and don’t forget to oil. Head massages are heaven, make sure you get one at least once every two weeks.

POPxo recommends: Morpheme Remedies Advanced Therapy Hair Oil (Rs 339)

8. Invest in potent night creams.

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There are many products that have anti-ageing ingredients in them, so it’s best to look for night creams and serums with amino peptides and Vitamin C. Starting to use them in your 20s is a sure way to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.

POPxo recommends: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (Rs 3500)

9. Make most of a facial.

It’s never too early to start getting facials. Go to your local salon and have them check your skin and suggest the right facial for your skin type. Getting a facial once a month or every few months is the best way for skin to keep healthy and youthful.

10. Don’t forget your hands!

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An anti-ageing regime is not just limited to your face but your hands too. Stash a hand cream in your handbag keep them moisturised and supple. Try and use it a few times a day if you can or if you can’t find the time, then before bed is best.

POPxo recommends: The Face Shop Daily Perfume Hand Cream 06 Cherry Blossom (Rs 210)

Remember when it comes to looking young it’s not just about using beauty products. A healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, taking care of your body and mind, that is what really keeps you looking young. And, no matter your age, remember to be confident!

01 Dec 2017

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