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Forget Perfumes! We Picked 8 Beauty Products That’ll Make You Smell Just As Great

Shagun MarwahShagun Marwah  |  Sep 23, 2019
Forget Perfumes! We Picked 8 Beauty Products That’ll Make You Smell Just As Great


The best fragrances in the world don’t always arrive in fancy glass bottles. Sometimes they come in fun disguises, packed with boundless benefits that make you feel more beautiful, confident and fresh. Imagine using a product that not only makes you smell like an absolute dream – all day long – but works wonders for your skin/hair, too! Your precious perfumes don’t do that now, do they?

So, we have found eight brand new beauty elixirs that will remind you of our favourite vacation, fresh fruits, blossoming flowers and scrumptious treats. Check them out below!

Products That’ll Make You Smell (And Feel) Like A Dream

From a sweet summery fragrance that transports you to a rose garden to tropical islands brimming with the refreshing notes of coconut water, here are our fave products that won’t have you reaching for perfume do-overs every now and then.

Honey & Vanilla Gel Body Wash

This dreamy, Honey & Vanilla Gel Body Wash from The POPxo Beauty Collection is exactly the kind of sweet pampering your skin and senses deserve to feel ‘Fresh N Fab’. Enriched with the extracts of honey, vanilla, rose leaves and aloe vera, it keeps your skin nourished and leaves you smelling divine. So go ahead and lather up, little miss sunshine!

Coffee Body Scrub Gel

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, POPxo’s Coffee Body Scrub Gel is going to be your beauty bae for life. With skin-saviours like coffee, walnuts, argan oil, basil extracts and aloe vera, it smells just as delicious as a freshly brewed coffee. Unlike other scrubs, its texture doesn’t feel harsh on the body. In fact, all thanks to its gel-like formulation, your skin will feel buttery smooth like never before.

Luxury Sugar Soap Jasmine & Mogra

Did you know that there are certain scents that help you relax, de-stress and unwind? No, I’m not talking about scented candles. Made with raw cane sugar and infused with the essential oils of Madurai Jasmine and mogra, this clear soap by Forest Essentials is bound to uplift your mood and leave you feeling (and smelling) as fresh as a newly bloomed flower. Its floral extracts keep your skin so deeply nourished and smooth that you wouldn’t need a moisturiser over it! Doesn’t that sound like a two-in-one beauty solution?

British Rose Body Yoghurt

Straight from the rose gardens of England and organic almond milk from Spain, British Rose Body Yoghurt by The Body Shop is a one-of-a-kind gel-creme that gives you a glow that shows. Not only does its lightweight formula give nourishment up to 48 hours and make your skin feel as smooth as a rose petal, but also leaves you with a radiant, rosy complexion. All you need to do is apply a dab of yoghurt onto your damp skin, right after taking a shower, and find your skin 10 times softer, all the while smelling like a fresh bouquet of roses.

Orange & Lime Creme Body Wash

If your olfactory appeals to the zesty citrus fruits, make way for our Orange & Lime Creme Body Wash in your vanity. In addition to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties that heal your skin from within, the skin lightening properties of lime extracts, vitamin-E and rose leaves promise to bring back your natural glow. So, treat yourself to the freshness of this fruity product and unleash your inner kid all day, every day.

Pineapple & Coconut Fabulous Foaming Body Wash

This deliciously scented Pineapple & Coconut Fabulous Foaming Body Wash by Wow is enough to make you feel like you never left the beach. Infused with pineapple, coconut and aloe vera extracts, this shower gel promises to be your skin’s best friend. Free of harmful sulphates and parabens, and enriched with argan, jojoba and extra virgin oils, it’ll give your skin that extra dose of hydration and, most importantly, detoxification. Doesn’t every tropical getaway end up doing that?

Coconut Milk & Green Apple Shampoo

Want to get summery, sun-kissed shine in your strands? Lock in the moisture with POPxo’s Coconut Milk & Green Apple Shampoo and transport yourself to the beaches of Hawaii. Blessed with the goodness of amla, brahmi, jyotishmati, neem and green apple extracts, it fixes dry and brittle hair and strengthens their texture.

Post-wash, don’t forget to massage your hair ends with our Coconut & Jojoba Hydrating Creme Conditioner for some extra bounce and softness. Go (coco)nuts!

Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Balm

Isn’t the combination of dark chocolate and mint akin to a match made in heaven? Imagine applying a product that not only reminds you of your favourite ice cream flavour but subtly lets you in on the taste too! Blessed with the wonders of cocoa butter, Vitamin-E and SPF 15, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm transforms even the most chapped, cracked and sunburnt areas of your lips into buttery smooth and kissable lips. For every choco-mint lover, this sweet-smelling lip balm is bound to be the most addictive and inseparable beauty product in their vanity.

So, cling on to these fabulous products to let your skin and hair smell just as good as you feel!

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