Beauty Binge Watch: These Videos Had Us ABSOLUTELY Hooked This Month!

Manavi SiddhantiManavi Siddhanti  |  Dec 8, 2017
Beauty Binge Watch:  These Videos Had Us ABSOLUTELY Hooked This Month!


I don’t know about you but I easily spend at least 15 minutes scrolling through my feed (every hour *wink*), watching fabulous make-up artists, bloggers and real people share the best beauty hacks online which sometimes also come with a humbling and heartwarming set of fails. So I thought I’d bring to you a round up of some of the most helpful tutorials (sans the fails) on holiday gifting, make-up trends (glowy skin, glitter eyes), and a couple on skin and hair hacks too.

Lip Gloss 101

It’s no secret that lip glosses are a big trend (thank you Kardashians!) so this video on dos and don’ts of liquid lipstick is super relevant. Not only is this tutorial super quick but Cherry’s tips on highlighting the cupid’s bow as well as brush strokes are super practical!

Holiday Gifting Ideas

I’ve been watching Tati for a year now, she’s the woman who taught me to use the Clarisonic Face Brush to blend foundation. So I was quite happy to see that she decided to do a tip-based video on what to gift a make-up lover. She covers all budgets and her favourites include Smashbox, Tarte, Sephora, Becca and NARS.

All About Brows

I absolutely love videos that have everything you could possibly want to know about getting HUDA worthy brows. This video from Elwa Saleh teaches you the basics of tweezing and plucking if you don’t want to depend on your brow technician. The main highlight for me is when she stencils and highlights her brows. If you’re all about brows this party season, check this out!

 Two-Toned Glitter Eyes

Honestly, I clicked on this video because of Rachelle’s expression in the screenshot. I’ve seen many videos on base make-up and other looks, but Rachelle Diamond stands out because of her eye make-up. Glitter eyes are all the rage right now and she does a fab job of combining dark and light pigments to create a two-toned eye. Her take on nude lips is inspirational too.


Amadea Muse is big on glowing skin. She starts by using a unicorn primer and then moves to her base. While her jelly beam highlighter makes her strobe just right, she uses the same palette on her lips too. If you’ve got the right products (the caption has a list), you could ace the glowy skin trend!

Bejewelled Lips

Want to try glitter lips but don’t want to look OTT? Plixxo Superblogger Shreya Jain shows you just how to get this look at home! Remember, this look heavily depends on moisturised lips so make sure you exfoliate and prime your lips before putting on a lipstick and glitter! It’ll also be ideal to keep your eye make-up to a minimum.


The Key To Curls

If you’re planning to curl your hair this party season, this may be of some help to you. Not only does this quick tutorial by Amanda Peroni help you curl without damaging your hair but also add volume without using hair extensions. Check out her tips in the caption too.

EASY HOLIDAY CURLS 💁🏻‍♀️ #pressplay▶️ ____ I get a lot of questions on how I style and curl my hair without hair extensions! Key: texturizing spray (it’s a life saver!!) ___ STEPS ☀️ 1️⃣ use a heat protector to protect against damage – @tresemme 2️⃣ separate Hair to make it easier to curl all strands 3️⃣ using a 25 mm @langehair wand curl hair away from the face in small 1-2 inch sections. Hold for 8 seconds and slowly release curl 4️⃣ if you want a messy voluminous effect grab some texturizing spray (I love the one from @igkhair) and lift Hair and spray. . . . #hairtutorial #curlyhairstyles #hairstyles #easyhairstyles #wakeupandmakeup #hairmakeupdiary #flawlessmakeup #fiercesociety #canadianblogger #ottawa

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How To Fake Bangs

I’m always up for hacks which is why I feel this video from Stella Cinni on how to fake bangs is a lifesaver. While the scarf was quite predictable, putting your crown hair upside down to create a faux pony was genius!

The Go-To DIY

Let’s admit it: we all have split-ends. As much as I love DIYs, I love super glam vloggers showing me how to do it. Sarah Reveulta uses egg, honey, coconut oil and yoghurt to make our weekly DIY hair mask. While Sarah, (who keeps it super real in the video) has very long hair, tips, like using a saran wrap or using an insane amount of coconut oil, helps you get it right. I know what I’m trying this weekend.


What Is Lash Lifting?

Let me warn you, if you have a weird thing with your eyes, don’t watch it. As the name says, the video talks about a new treatment, which, yep, you guessed it is a real thing called lash lifting, ideal for those of us with hooded eyes or sparse lashes. If you’re really tired of endless mascara applications, this stick-on treatment may just be something you’re interested in!


Via @insiderbeauty: Batting our eyes at everyone after a @thelashloft lash lift. 👁 #insiderfitness @kylekerch

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Want to try these tips? Here’s our guide on all you need to know about make-up brushes and keeping them squeaky clean.

That’s a wrap on our picks this time! P.S. Did you see this beauty blogger using sign language?  


Stay tuned for another round of videos we couldn’t stop watching!