Beauty Emergency Kit: What Is in YOUR Handbag?

Lamya BhatriLamya Bhatri  |  May 6, 2016


Every girl has a bunch of things in her bag she won’t leave home without. It could be the wallet-cards-lipstick combo, or the purse-keys-hand-sanitizer set. And some of us carry pretty much half of our worldly belongings in our oversized totes. Emptying out the contents of your bag to judge what’s inside can pretty much sum up our personalities. So let’s take a look at YOUR beauty kit and find out which of these personality groups you belong to!

Miss Party Patrol

beauty kit - Party Patrol

You’re the girl who rocks the dance floor. Everyone knows that once you’ve entered, the party is going to be a lot more fun! You’ve got all the gear in your glitzy bag: from bold red lipstick to a spare Eyeconic for a quickie touch up, to Lakmé CC Cream, which adds a glow of sophistication to your look; you want your party selfies absolutely perfect! You’ve got Party Smart tablets, and a spare pair of flats to dance in after the skyscraper heels tire you out. You’ve got the Party Hard driver’s number on speed dial and a bottle of pepper spray to keep you safe through the night.

Miss Coffee and Conversations

beauty kit - Coffee and conversations

You’re the girl who’s always updated with all the current affairs. You are apprised of the current political scenario and invest time in reading news articles meticulously. You’ve also been voting since you hit the age of 18 (good going, girl!). Your handbag usually consists of your reading glasses, Lakmé CC Cream for the perfect skin and a nude lipstick, a notebook and a pen, a Kindle for your eBooks and a paperback (‘coz you love the feel of a real book too)!

Miss Retail Romance

beauty kit - Retail romance

The girl from Confessions of a Shopaholic – she’s so you, right? You’re all about shopping, beautiful clothes, high heels and rom-coms. You’ve watched and loved every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie and are waiting for your “Raj” to come into your life someday. Your handbag is dominated by credit cards, shopping receipts, a body mist to keep you smelling fresh, Lakmé CC Cream to keep your skin looking flawless and refreshed all day, and an umbrella just in case the weather plays spoilsport. Don’t forget to carry a folding shopping bag for all that retail therapy!

Miss Outgoing & Adventurous

beauty kit - Outgoing and Adventurous

You’re the little daredevil who tried to start driving before she hit 16! You love speed, outdoors, would go bungee jumping within 10 seconds of being offered, and you’re undoubtedly the most adventurous girl of your group. Let’s not forget that you’re also the girl who can hang with guys without the typical #GirlProblems, and that you still manage to have them respect you and your love for nature. Your handbag would include Lakmé CC Cream for its in-built moisturizer and UV protection, a small first-aid kit to deal with minor cuts and bruises, a hat and a couple of energy bars. Don’t forget your portable battery pack to help you in case of an emergency in the woods!

Miss Picture Perfect

beauty kit - picture perfect

You have it all. The good-looking boyfriend, a figure to die for, a wardrobe full of super-stylish clothes, an array of lipsticks and the most flawless skin. Your photo uploads on Facebook showcase pretty, pouted lips, your food shots on Instagram are a testament to your love of different cuisines, and you definitely have at least one picture from your summer holiday with over 200 likes on it. Your handbag consists of everything just right for the all-rounder: wallet, cards, a vibrant shade of lipstick, Lakmé CC Cream for glowing skin, a small bottle of perfume, a hairbrush and pocket mirror and some blush for a quick sweep of colour before the next photo-taking session. Don’t leave home without your digital camera and some chocolate for a energy fix.

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