Double Tap That: 7 Beauty Influencers To Follow For Major Makeup Inspo

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Mar 11, 2021
Double Tap That: 7 Beauty Influencers To Follow For Major Makeup Inspo


Social media has changed the face of beauty and there’s no denying that. So many of us learned the basics of makeup by watching tutorials and understood the nitty gritties of skincare by reading unbiased product reviews on blogs. Even Instagram is flooded with makeup junkies and influencers creating fun and quirky makeup looks and today, we’re going to tell you the best ones to follow. 

7 Beauty Bloggers Who Will Fill Your Insta Feed With Quirky Makeup Inspo

Moumi Sarkar

Our MyGlammXO Beauty Creator, Moumi Sarkar should be on your follow list because she creates really fun but still wearable makeup looks. From graphic eyeliners to glossy lids, she’s mastered them all. If you want to venture into the world of colour, she’s your gal.

Debasree Banerjee

Debasree Banerjee has made her name in the beautyverse thanks to her out-of-the-box looks. She always plays with shades, mixes, and matches tones and all in all looks gorgeous. In fact, she loves makeup so much that she launched her very own makeup brand and it’s got some fun products.

Shalini Kutti

Shalini Kutti is a Mumbai-based beauty blogger whose content is fun and relatable. She creates soft looks that are simple to recreate but it’s her minimalist aesthetic that we can’t stop gushing over. She gives honest reviews and teaches her followers easy beauty hacks to follow. 


Kadeeja Sel Khan

Real skin is in! Social media is becoming a more inclusive space these days with people sharing photos of their real, unfiltered skin. Kadeeja Sel Khan is the influencer you want to follow if you want to see how makeup really sits on textured and acne-prone skin. She often does AMAs with her audience so if you have doubts or want some boost in accepting your natural skin, her’s is the account you should check out.


For those of you who want to unleash the artist within you, Nyane is the best person to check out on Instagram. She experiments with wigs, hair colours, bright makeup, and trends and looks freakin’ bomb while doing it. Trust us, after just a week of following her you’ll have ditched all your nude shades and you’ll be applying neon colours to your lips and lids.

Himani Khatri

Himani Khatri isn’t your average beauty guru, she recreates celebrity looks, does comedy sketches, and even shares dance videos. She regularly posts pictures in traditional outfits and shows her audience how she does her classic kajarari eyes makeup look. Go through her Instagram and we’re sure that you’ll find loads of relatable content.

Rowi Singh

Australian-born Indian beauty blogger, Rowi Singh has created quite a stir in the beauty world with her funky and quirky makeup looks. Taking constant inspiration from her Indian roots she creates looks that are fun and have desi elements in them. You’re going to be double-tapping every single photo she posts!

So, who all are you going to follow?

Featured Image: Instagram