5 DIY Recipes Using Rose Water That Are Perf To Keep You Cool For The Summer

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 15, 2021
Beauty DIYs Using Rose Water


Rose water has been used for centuries in India, and it’s about time the rest of the world caught up too. It serves as a cure-all skincare and haircare hero and is a beauty staple in our vanities. Rose water actually has a ton of calming, anti-inflammatory properties and even boasts of skin-protecting antioxidants. Whether you’re looking to soothe red, irritated skin or boost your skin’s hydration level, there are many benefits of using this ingredient. And since sharing is caring, we’ve rounded up the 5 ways you can use rose water in your DIY skin- and hair-nourishing recipes and exactly how to use them, ahead.

Transform Your Beauty Routine Using These 5 Rose Water DIYs

How To Make Your Own Rose Water


If you’re a domestic queen, you can even make your own rose water—and it’s super easy!

Step 1: Fill a pot with fresh rose petals and cover it with distilled water. The water should only just over the rose petals. Too much water and your rose oil will be very diluted.

Step 2: Cover the pot, turn the fire to low flame, and slowly bring it to a boil.

Step 3: Turn off heat, keep the cover on, and let the water come to room temperature. Once at room temperature, strain out petals and pour into a clean, sanitised bottle.


Face Mask To Brighten Dull Complexion

Face Mask


What you’ll need:

– Chickpea flour

– Yoghurt

– Turmeric

– Rose water.

Step 1: In a bowl, add 2 tbsp yoghurt and 1 tbsp of chickpea flour (besan).

Step 2: Add 6-7 drops of rose water and 2 tsp turmeric to the mix.

Step 3: Mix everything well and it’s ready for application.

PS: If your skin reacts in any form, please immediately wash your face and rub ice to calm any sort of distress.


For Spot Treatment


What you’ll need:

– Neem leaves

– Turmeric

– Rose water

Step 1: Dry a handful of neem leaves and then crush it into fine powder. 

Step 2: Mix the powder with few drops of rosewater to make a smooth paste. 

Step 3: Add 1 teaspoon turmeric powder. Apply it on your face and neck and post 15 minutes wash it off.

If you have an angry zit that needs to be less red and inflamed by morning, this can be your go-to DIY recipe. It also improves the skin’s resistance to scarring post-breakout.

A Soothing Eye Soak

Under Eye Mask


What you’ll need:

– Cucumber juice

– Rose water

Step 1: Simply, grate a cucumber and squeeze the juice. 

Step 2: Add a few drops of rose water to it and mix well.

Step 3: Apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

If you spend a large portion of your day in front of a screen, dry, burning eyes might be a possible side effect. Try this hack to reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles.


A Toner For Dull Skin


What you’ll need:

– Witch hazel

– Rose water

Step 1: Pour one part rose water and one part witch hazel into a vessel.

Step 2: Shake it well to mix the ingredients. Keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. 

Step 3: Voila, you’ve made your own refreshing toner for summer. Soak a cotton pad into the mixture and sweep it over the face. Layer it up with a serum or moisturiser for all-day hydration.

Pro tip: Freeze any leftover rose water in an icecube tray. This will keep perfectly portioned 2 tablespoon cubes ready for all your future DIYing.


A Revitalising Hair Rinse


What you’ll need:

– Jojoba oil

– Rose Water

– Vitamin E Tablets

Step 1: Take 1 cup of rose water and add it to a jar.

Step 2: Add a few drops of jojoba oil and 1 capsule of vitamin E to the mix.

Step 3: Mix ingredients together and apply to wet hair and scalp. Massage for at least 10 minutes and follow it with a shampoo.

This DIY is a great de-frizzer and those with curly or thick hair can rely on it to add shine and reduce fuzzy bits.


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