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10 Awesome *Beauty* Apps EVERY Girl Needs To Know About!

10 Awesome *Beauty* Apps EVERY Girl Needs To Know About!

Being a beauty/ makeup junkie doesn’t end with researching and buying products, you ought to keep up with the advancements of technology, which help fix your basic beauty woes. From the correct foundation for your skin tone to knowing which nail colour is suited for which occasion, these Apps have all the answers. Read on to know the best beauty apps you need to download stat, to be a true beauty insider!

1. Sephora on your fingertips
1 beauty apps

It’s your favourite store, and soon their app will be your fave too! It helps you pick your favourite products, read reviews, gives you tutorials, tells you about the latest launches and even allows you to try out nail polishes!

Available on: iOS and Android.

2. Think Dirty

2 beauty apps

Before your imagination runs wild and dirty thoughts pop up, this app tells you how toxic your beauty products are. Scan the barcode of any skin or makeup product or enter the name in the database and it will give you a list of its ingredients and rank them on a scale of one to ten on the ‘Dirty Meter’. It’s a pretty great idea to save your skin from chemical-laden products, plus it even gives you safer alternative product suggestions. Download it now and prevent your skin from the damage caused by harsh chemicals.

Available on: iOS.

3. Nykaa

3 beauty apps

Your one stop beauty shop, now in an App. Look out for incredible discounts and freebies with most purchases. It offers helpful makeup and beauty tips along with customer reviews for most products. The frosting on the cake is that there is a virtual makeup trial so you know exactly how a lip colour would look on your complexion. So cool, right?

Available on: iOS and Android.

4. Beauty Plus

4 beauty apps

This is an advanced beauty App with everything from photo fixes to filters to corrections for imperfections. Get ready for your BEST selfies yet! It has a direct upload option for most social media sites to ensure a high res picture! No more having to save your images and cluttering your phone – share directly and save only if you want to.

Available on: iOS and Android.

5. Beautiful Me

5 beauty apps

This App instantly detects the user’s skin profile by accessing the Facebook pictures or any ones you choose to upload on the App itself. It provides a detailed skin analysis and gives product recommendations. The best thing about this App is that it tells you which is the right shade of foundation for your skin tone and helps you identify your undertone as well! Who knew you could get a skin analysis from your phone?

Available on: iOS and Android.

6. Makeup Genius by L’oreal

6 beauty apps

The makeup giant has made its way into the tech world to support its products and provides a virtual makeup option to allow you to see your desired makeup look instead of having to visualise it or recreate it. Now you can test how a new makeup look or fad would look on your face before you try it out for real. There’s also a before and after tool to see the impact of your virtual transformation. Get ready to spend hours trying different looks on this, girls. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Available on: iOS and Android

7. Magic mirror

7 beauty apps

The perfect App which allows you to experiment with your hairstyles and colour variations- virtually. It is a boon for when you decide to make drastic changes to your style and colour. It allows you to see what your desired hairstyle would look like on you and with so many choices, you may even end up deciding on something very different from what you had initially thought off! Try it out before making that salon appointment, we say!

Available on: iOS and Android.

8. Fitbit

8 beauty apps

Beauty, health and fitness go hand in hand. You don’t need to invest in a Fitbit to reap all its benefits. Just download this App and you can track all your essentials like number of steps, water intake, sleep timings etc. Remember, only if you are healthy, will the beauty radiate from within.

Available on: iOS and Android.

9. Sleep cycle

9 beauty apps

We don’t need to tell you twice about the importance of beauty sleep. This helps you monitor your sleep quality, sleep timings, periods of deep sleep and wakes you up gently with calming sounds that slowly get louder. No longer will you be instantly jolted awake into a pang of stress. Stress undoes beauty, so do your best to wake up stress-free and monitor your sleep quality to know if you are actually getting adequate sound sleep to help you look your beautiful best.

Available on: iOS and Android.

10. OPI

10 beauty apps

This one’s a haven for nail polish junkies! It automatically updates new nail colours as soon as they are launched and lets you try out the shades-virtually so that you can be sure of which colour suits you. It has an inbuilt stylist which suggests colours for various occasions to help you decide those nerve-wracking yet minute details of your look! Definitely give it a try before your next mani-pedi.

Available on: iOS and Android.

Get, set, download!

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09 Feb 2017

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