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10 *Stunning* New Ways To Style Your Precious Engagement Ring!

10 *Stunning* New Ways To Style Your Precious Engagement Ring!

Just engaged and looking for fab new ways to flaunt your ring? Or even if you’ve been engaged for a while, you may want to style your ring in different ways to make it stand out every single time. Yea, we get it! While that sparkling rock itself is quite an attention grabber, a little extra effort will only make it look more WOW. So ladies, here are 10 beautiful ways to style your engagement ring… A new look everyday!

1. Stack them up!

1 style your engagement ring

Stackable rings are a rage right now and you should totally do that with your engagement ring too. Stack 2-3 simpler rings with the engagement one. It’ll even make your ring appear bigger!

2. Nail art on your ring finger!

2 style your engagement ring


Decorate the nail of your ring finger with glitter, stones or a unique design when you’re attending a party. Opt for a subtle nail paint for the rest of your fingers.

3. Stunning jewelled bracelet

3 style your engagement ring

A bracelet to match your engagement ring… Now that’s got to look stunning! Make sure the metal and the stones are of the same kind and colour for a well-coordinated look.

4. Sexy red nails

4 style your engagement ring


Nothing looks as elegant and as sexy as blood red nails with your engagement ring. Go in for a clean yet sensual look with nicely painted red nails and just your rock to add all the sparkle.

5. Delicate add-ons

5 style your engagement ring

Pretty up your hands by wearing super delicate and thin bands on one of your other fingers. While your engagement ring still holds centre stage, the dainty add-ons make your hand look even prettier.  

6. Engrave your love

6 style your engagement ring


How about teaming your engagement ring with a love band that has your wedding date engraved? Or maybe a romantic quote you and your man really like. Sounds sweet, right?!

7. The beauty of gold & silver

7 style your engagement ring

Wear a plain gold band along with your platinum ring, or a white gold band with diamonds if yours is an engagement ring with diamonds set in yellow gold. Silver and gold always make for a royal combination so you should definitely give this a try.   

8. Nail paint makes all the difference!

8 style your engagement ring


A nice french manicure with just a hint of glitter to match the sparkle of your ring. Now isn’t that just so elegant?!

9. A haathphool to match!

9 style your engagement ring

We’re talking of a delicate chain haathphool that you can wear for any special occasion. It looks so elegant and definitely makes your hands look extremely pretty. Picture a delicate haathphool right by the magnificent engagement ring – it’ll be one stylish combination!

10. For the jewellery lover!

10 style your engagement ring


Why just have one when you can have plenty! If you love jewellery, then load up your fingers with lots of pretty rings. From midi rings to stackable ones and elegant bands, go in for different styles. Trust us, it’ll look fab and your engagement ring will still stand out.  

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17 Mar 2017

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