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You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off These Brides & Their Gorgeous Maathapattis!

Whether you are someone with a classy taste in fashion or prefer bling over minimalism, when it comes to choosing your wedding jewellery, it always good to go with something that represents your personal style. But we get it, it is not as easy as it sounds, and we are here to help. Let’s just begin with talking about mathapattis for now – the gorgeous piece of jewellery that frames the face and instantly makes a bride look prettier. It’s important to find the right one that suits your face structure and settles well with your overall bridal avatar. Here are seven brides whose mathapattis will give you all the inspo you need while picking one for yourself.

1. A little extra bling never hurt anybody


A post shared by Morvi Images (@morviimages) on Oct 9, 2017 at 5:31pm PDT

A golden lehenga adorned with sequins all over, a heavy choker, intricate jhumkas, lots of kangans and a beautiful mathapatti with clusters of tiny beads. Uff, we could go on…  If you didn’t already get it, this is perfect if you are opting for a royal bridal look.


2. Elegant and minimal


Almost ready, ready for her groom ❤️ Write to us 💌 camerawaalebaraati@gmail.com

A post shared by Camera Waale Baraati (@camerawaalebaraati) on Aug 23, 2017 at 1:46am PDT

If you favour a bold make-up look, just like the bride in this picture (who went for a red and gold avatar that matched with her outfit), then it’s best to keep your jewellery minimal. A single-chain mathapatti with a delicate centrepiece and a couple of other trinkets will do the trick.

3. The goodness of layers

Now, if you’re someone who just cannot handle the weight of heavy jewellery and would rather prefer to move around freely on your wedding day, then opt for a simple mathapatti like this one. It’s a layered mathapatti, made of three beaded chains and a single stone centrepiece. It works pretty well if you want to balance out a heavily embroidered bridal outfit with simple jewellery.


4. Chaandbali mathapattis always impress


A post shared by Morvi Images (@morviimages) on Jan 20, 2018 at 8:59pm PST

This is your safest bet when it comes to bridal mathapattis. Chaandbali mathapattis come in different shapes and sizes, so you can take a pick according to your taste. This bride picked a medium-sized one and balanced it with a simple nath. You can even try on a few pieces and see what settles well with you.

5. Classy much?!

We love how this bride styled her heavy lehenga with minimal make-up and an almost -there mathapatti. It’s the simplest bridal hair accessory we have ever seen, but it sure didn’t disappoint! It’s just perfect to be paired with a heavily embroidered or blingy outfit, especially if it’s a morning wedding.  


6. Traditional, but with a twist!

Borlas have been a part of the Indian tradition since forever now, and they’re just so beautiful! This bride gave a modern twist to tradition, not just with her unique borla mathapatti, but with her all-white bridal lehenga too. This is what we call a millennial bride.

7. Kundan never disappoints

This stunner’s jewellery was perfectly synchronized with her outfit. She incorporated florals in every aspect of her bridal look, including her embroidered lehenga and the kundan mathapatti. On close introspection, we encountered a flower shaped kundan motif in the centrepiece which makes it quite a statement hair accessory.


These were some of the pretty brides and even prettier mathapatti designs. Hope you took some bridal jewellery inspo from them!

Featured Image: Morvi Images

09 Feb 2018
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