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Halla Bol! Here Are The Top 3 Bigg Boss Contestants Who Are All Set To claim The BB 15 House

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 8, 2021
BB 15

Just two more weeks and we will finally have Bigg Boss 15 airing on the television. The good thing this time around is that we don’t have to wait in restless anticipation since we already have BB OTT to give us all the feels. That said, as the show nears its end, the contestants can be seen frequently discussing BB 15 and who all will get a pass to the second phase of the season. Now, while we cannot say much about who is going to make it to BB 15, we do know that there are very few of these contestants we can tolerate at the moment & would like to see more of. By the way, it’s just three of them. Yup! Intrigued who made it to our list of BB OTT’s top three? Read on:

Three BB OTT Contestants We’d Like To See In BB 15

While BB OTT might have had a pretty decent run, the season has given us its share of irritating contestants we can only watch to a certain extent. Guess, the saturation has arrived and we’d rather watch new people, with fresh perspectives and stronger personalities. So here’s our list:

Nishant Bhat


Nishant Bhat is fun, intelligent, and brings a fresh perspective to the show. He knows how to give us ample drama without making it irritating and is being supported by the audience for that exact reason. While we had little to no hopes from Nishant after watching him in the premiere episode, he has proved to be a surprise package in the BB OTT house. He has a different equation with every other contestant in the BB house and it would be nice to see how he’d get along with the new housemates in season 15.

Moose Jattana


We love Moose for her quirky personality and childlike innocence. That said, she has her own strong voice and puts across some great points and logic in arguments while people double her age are heard spewing gibberish. But that’s not it. Moose has a great camera presence and has a way of infusing entertainment in the most mundane tasks of the day. She is also a great friend and brings an emotional depth to the show. Long things short, Moose is unlike any other contestant that we have seen on BB to date and would like to watch more of her for that exact reason.

Raqesh Bapat


We got to see an interesting, rather carefree side of Raqesh Bapat after the connections got dissolved last night and look forward to more of it in the coming days. All this while, Shamita has been effectively pulling him down and we’d like to see how he operates on his own, the trailer of which we have already watched last night. That said, it is always good to have someone sensible in the show who isn’t ready to pick up fights at the drop of a hat (read, Pratik Sehajpal). Lastly, we’d need an eye candy in the BB 15 house, right?

Tell us fam, what do you think about our list of top three BB OTT contestants?

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