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Lip Lock: The Battle Of The Balm And The Butter

Lip Lock: The Battle Of The Balm And The Butter

There’s a legitimate difference between balms and butters. Yes—they’re both intended for the lips. Nope—they’re not synonymous with one another. It’s surprising, isn’t it? I believed that the labels were interchangeable, but I just found out that they’re not. That’s okay—with lip-oils, serums, masks, butters, gels, balms, and scrubs scrambling to command our attention, it’s only natural for us to not know what purpose each of them serves. And that’s why I’m touching upon the subject of balms and butters today. Let’s see what sets them apart from one another.

Lip Balm Vs Lip Butter: Which One’s Better?


Texture, Ingredients, Longevity, And Comfort

You can include both—balms and butter—in your lip-care routine. But you ought to know what distinguishes one from the other to be able to reap their benefits.

The main difference lies in the ingredients each of them employs as well as their textures. A butter is extremely creamy, thick, and heavy; and it hydrates and moisturises intensely—more so than a balm in the way that it draws in more moisture to the lips. Even though both might contain wax-based ingredients, a butter is laden with luscious oils, thicker moisturisers, or plant-based butters like avocado, shea, and mango butters, and almond and coconut oils. A balm, on the other hand, is stiffer to the touch, and contains natural herbs and ingredients like Vitamin E to treat dry, chapped lips. If your lips are dry and dull a little too often, a butter is the right way to go.

But a balm reigns supreme in the way that it lasts longer than a butter. You don’t have to apply the product over and over again. And applying a balm is not as messy as applying a butter—owing to the difference in their consistencies. A butter might feeling heavier and thicker on the lips than a balm.

The verdict is that both of them have an edge over the other in their own ways—the choice depends on you. And we’ve rounded up our favourite butters and balms for you try out. Happy lip-care shopping!

Our Favourite Lip-Loving Balms And Butters

Do you gravitate toward roll-on lip-balms like me? In that case, this one’s for you. This plant-based Organic Harvest lip-balm, infused with organic lemon oils, Vitamin E as well as SPF, is not just dab-hand at diminishing pigmentation and dullness on the lips, delivering pumps of hydration to them, and sun-proofing them, it’s also almost…tasty.

This ultra-smooth butter, along with lending a splash of colour to the lips, forms a protective barrier over the surface of your lips, and defends them against environmental aggressors to retain their softness and suppleness.

This fruit-kissed balm delivers a sheer wash of colour to your lips depending on your pH levels (which means you’re wearing a shade that’s custom-made for you), and moisturises instantly for luscious, soft lips.

This one’s a silky-smooth balm that melts onto your lips, and delivers a plumping effect owing to its composition of hyaluronic filling spheres, soybean and licorice extract.

This rose-tinted balm replenishes the moisture of your lips, and protects it from damage by the sun, pollution, and other environmental triggers. And since it comes in the form of a bullet, application is easy!

Now that we know the difference between the two, which ones are you picking?

Featured Image: Pexels

20 Jun 2022

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