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Get A BANG-ing Hairstyle: 5 Fringes That Suit Your Face Shape

Get A BANG-ing Hairstyle: 5 Fringes That Suit Your Face Shape

It’s later in the night. Your Instagram feed shows you a picture of Selena Gomez with her curtain bangs and boy, does she rock’em. You wish it was you, huh? You have been wanting to get bangs since 2011 when Zooey Deschanel started New Girl. It’s 10 years later and you’re still scared to do it. Now you’re thinking if Instagram somehow knows your deep desires and taunts you with them. It does, but you’re getting off-topic, ma’am. We are going to talk about bangs, and you will be convinced to get them by the end of this article. It’s a promise.

Found: The Most Flattering Bangs For You

If you’re reading this, it is a sign for you to get bangs. It’s 2021, we have lived through more than a year of a ruthless pandemic and a life-changing (but necessary) lockdown. If the past year has taught you anything, you will know that life is too short to be postponing brave looks for later. Make that hair appointment! But first, read this article that will help you figure out what type of bangs will look flattering with your face shape. 

Heart Shaped Face – Wispy, Layered Fringes

Do: Heart-shaped beauties, who already have love on their face – add some more with layered, side bangs. This will add attention to your best features – cheekbones and the centre of your face. Incredibly versatile, you can also shift them in the middle of your forehead if you feel like avoiding attention to your forehead. If you have an angular facial structure, thin, layered bangs can give your face a soft touch. 

Don’t: Do not get heavy, full fringed bangs. It will widen the appearance of your forehead. Also, follow Reese’s advice on drinking from the movie How Do You Know, 2010, and don’t drink like a fish if you get the wrong hairstyle

Square Shaped Face – Long, Heavy Bangs

Do: You should go with long and heavy, brow-gazing bangs that touch your eyebrows, or reach just under them. This flirty fringe will soften your facial structure and will add warmth. You can experiment and side sweep a bunch for a playful look. Because they are long, they are also easier to style.

Don’t: Do not, I repeat, do not make the mistake of getting short bangs. They will pull your face down, and make it look boxy. 

Round Shaped Face – Thick, Side Swept Bangs

Do: One of the easiest bangs to commit to, long, side-swept bangs are the perfect match for you. This hairstyle creates an illusion of an elongated facial structure that balances the fullness of your face shape. Giving extra definition to your cheek contours, the thickness of these bangs can help centre the attention to your beautiful cheeks. 

Don’t: Avoid straight cut bangs. They will only make your face look fuller and shorter. Why hide that beautiful face ladies?

Oval Shaped Face – Literally, Anything!

Do: Oval-faced individuals are blessed by the hair gods. This is a versatile face shape that can rock any style of bangs. Personally, my round face’s feelings are hurt. 

Don’t: You don’t really have don’t bang styles, do you? Jealous. Hurt, AND jealous. 

Long Face Shape – Fringe That Gets Longer On The Sides

Do: Depending on the size of your forehead, you can decide if you want to go with longer or shorter bangs in the middle. Add bangs that softly get longer on the sides and you’ve got a stunning haircut, oval-faced divas. 

Don’t: Stay away from baby fringes. They will only make your face look longer.

We sincerely hope that you found your favourite hairstyle style under your face shape. Now do not waste any time and rush to get the most flattering hairstyle for your face shape. 

Features Images: Instagram

07 Jul 2021

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