WTF?! Balika Vadhu 2 Promo Is Out & Here’s Why It’s Making Us Furious AF

Lubna KhanLubna Khan  |  Jul 28, 2021
Balika Vadhu 2 promo

Films and television shows greatly contribute to the audience’s outlook towards certain issues. Which is why makers have a huge responsibility on them to portray social issues in a tactful way that can help promote sensitive conversations. When Balika Vadhu first aired in 2008, it was touted to be a path-breaking show that highlighted the evil social custom of child marriage. In its initial days, the show did a good job of addressing issues like child marriage, female illiteracy. However, when the protagonist Anandi and her husband Jagdish grew up, the show turned into a typical Indian soap opera. The narrative changed, and the focus shifted from the core issue.

Now, the promo of Balika Vadhu 2 is out. It begins with two men happily discussing ‘hum iss dosti ko rishtedaari mein badalna chahte hai’.  A woman is seen carrying a newborn baby girl in her arms, who is seen being married off to a young boy. Once again the same theme as last season, and it has left Netizens questioning whether it was necessary.

Firstly, we understand the social message that the makers want to send out. Storytelling through shows and films is a powerful way to get people thinking differently about certain things. However, that can happen only if it is executed properly. If not, it will just end up being counter-productive.

Furthermore, many raised concerns over casting a toddler when the first promo was unveiled. While one Netizen wrote, “this toddler is way too small to fit in the story,” another said, “This is so unnecessary. Season 1 already addressed all kinds of evils present in the society plus this kid is so small. She’s a freaking toddler. Are you insane?”

Here’s What Netizens Had To Say

Despite its shortcomings, the first season of Balika Vadhu was a huge hit among viewers. Fans of the show are excited about season 2, so all we hope is that the makers handle the issue and story with great care, and send the correct social message to the audience through their narrative.

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