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Badshah’s New Song ‘Toxic’ Is About Second Chances But Is That Worth The Risk?

Badshah’s New Song ‘Toxic’ Is About Second Chances But Is That Worth The Risk?

While the current lockdown might have stalled all the shoots and entertainment productions, there are a few artists out there who are trying to make the best of this time with whatever resources they have at hand. In the initial month of lockdown itself, stars like Janhvi Kapoor and Sobhita Dhulipala did the sporadic by shooting for magazine covers at their homes. Shortly after that, Salman Khan took it a notch higher by releasing a video song with Jacqueline Fernandez, produced and shot entirely during the lockdown at the actor’s farmhouse. 

Now, after these stars, Punjabi rapper Badshah has come up with a new song, Toxic, in collaboration with Payal Dev. This is his second collab with Payal who also worked for Jacqueline and Asiam Riaz starter Genda Phool with the rapper. While Badshah has written the song and covered the rap part, Payal has sung the number and also composed its music. Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta star in the song and it has been “home shot and directed by Ravi.”

This song explores the dynamics of a toxic relationship and how it can sap the very soul out of those involved in the same. Through flashbacks, the song navigates how the relationship between the protagonists goes from a blissful one to a living nightmare. Throughout the song, the couple can be seen fighting, yelling, and insulting until the point that they begin destroying each other. 

Here’s the song: 

Talking about the song, Badshah said in a recent media statement, “Toxic is a very special song, it’s something I have never done before. It talks about second chances at love and highlights the imperfections of a relationship. I hope the audience loves the song as much as I do.” 

The artists have done a decent job given that the song is entirely home shot. Also, we have to give it to Ravi for the flawless cinematography work that he has managed to pull up despite limited resources. However, we do have our reservations about how the song concludes.

In the end, the couple can be seen getting back together after scratching the lives out of each other sans any revelatory or course changing moments. And as much as we believe that little amends can go a long way in relationships, we also think that it is important to know when to walk out of a toxic one. Sometimes it is important to realise when to go out for second chances and when not. 

Perhaps it is time we also try and change the narrative of making relationships work no matter what. Well, there’s some food for thought. Watch out the song and do tell in case you happen to second with us. 

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27 May 2020

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