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8 Bad Habits You Need To Say Bye-Bye To, Immediately!

8 Bad Habits You Need To Say Bye-Bye To, Immediately!

Okay, guys, we all have some terrible beauty habits that we’d much rather keep to ourselves. You know the gross ones that are a secret between our bathroom mirrors and ourselves or even the not so-gross ones but which are considered ‘hai tauba’ in the beauty world. However, there are some that are reasonably acceptable like washing your hair infrequently and ones that just cannot work like picking a zit. 

According to studies, the best way of getting past a bad habit is by replacing it with a new one. So everything you feel like biting your nails, get up and do something else with your hands instead- draw or try a quick, new updo. Then eventually your body will let go of the habit and you’ll be able to transform yourself.

So, Here Are Some Bad Beauty Habits That You Have To Get Rid Of ASAP


Touching Your Face

Well, hello! There’s a pandemic out there so you should most definitely not be touching your face but even without coronavirus ruling our lives touching your face constantly is a big no-no. By doing so we are risking introducing bacteria from our computer keyboard, the door nob or book without even realising it. So, consciously don’t touch your face.


Shaving Yourself With A Blunt Razor

You’ve got to change your razor blade when it’s time because using a blunt one can cause irritation on the skin or hair follicles. When you use your razor it takes out hair, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria from your skin and if you leave it in a damp bathroom these multiple multifold. We recommend storing your razor in a dry place, like a bathroom cabinet or your bedroom in between uses. The lack of humidity will ensure your razor lasts a lot longer. If you see any rust on your razor blades or see the moisturising gel bar on it has worn off, it’s time to toss it out. Change your razor every few weeks because you do not want to risk an infection if you accidentally cut yourself.


Skipping Sunscreen

Skipping sunscreen is a huge no-no because skin damaged by exposure to the sun is not a myth. We always think that this is only necessary when we’re stepping out of the house or are on a vacation but that’s not true. Sunscreen should be worn indoors as well. The glass used in our houses and in offices are designed to block out the UVB rays, but it does not offer protection from all UVA rays. It is a very important tool in preventing skin cancer so it’s an important thing to put on.


Popping Your Pimples

We know it’s hella tempting to pop a zit. It’s only natural to want to squish it with your hands but do not do it; we repeat do not do it. The biggest problem is scarring and infections. When you pop the pimple the lining of the oil gland gets inflamed, which is what causes the red type or inflammatory pimples. This can also disrupt the collagen and elastin levels in your skin thus creating scars. 


Sleeping With Your Makeup On

Maybe because of quarantine you’re not doing a full face of glam but however much of makeup you’re using, keeping it on your skin for a long time should be avoided at all costs. Before you sleep make sure you scrub off all the remnants of makeup from your face and have squeaky clean skin. Do a double cleanse if need be because keeping it on can clog pores, increase sebum production, sweat, and dirt build-up which can cause those really huge eruptions.  

Using Expired Makeup

This is the reminder that you need to check the expiry date of all your makeup and throw away the ones that didn’t make the cut. Clearing out old things is a good way of decluttering and also becomes essential because you’re putting all that on your skin. Liquid makeup has water and bacteria flourish in water. Makeup products have preservatives in them to keep the bacteria at bay but they (like everything else) stop working at some point. Skin irritation, breakouts, and rashes could be caused by using expired makeup. Plus it’s another excuse to buy new makeup!

Here’s a handy makeup expiration guide you might want to bookmark! 

Over-washing Your Hair

We know it’s tempting to wash your hair every day especially in this sticky and humid weather but actually, if you have oily hair it means you have a dry scalp. Our bodies produce extra oil to help it heal. If you are washing your hair every day because it is oily, that could be what is actually causing the problem, it’s a vicious cycle. So try substituting it with dry shampoo if need be and slowly wean yourself off from washing your hair too often.


Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

When there are remnants of makeup on your makeup brushes and you use the dirty ones again, it’s actually much scarier than you think. Liquid makeup, when stuck to your brush, attracts loads of bacteria which in turn could lead to acne and clogged pores. Now think of that the next time you use a dirty brush on your face. 

So, ready to start afresh during quarantine? Now is as good a time as any!

Featured Image: Unsplash

20 Jul 2020

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