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Don’t Turn Your Back On Bacne, Here’s How Experts Suggest Managing It Effectively

Don’t Turn Your Back On Bacne, Here’s How Experts Suggest Managing It Effectively

Acne is relentless in its pursuit of sabotaging our bodies. It starts off on the face, and trickles down to our backs discreetly—leaving clusters of marks along the way that aren’t too conspicuous until we’re left with full-blown breakouts to deal with, and not much to do but cringe at our situation. But, hey, we’re just as stubborn like that. That’s why I decided to reach out to Dr. Harsha Bijlani at The Ageless Clinic to learn more about treating and preventing the condition safely and effectively. Here’s all you need to know about bacne.

Bacne 101: How To Treat And Prevent The Condition, According To Experts


Are there treatments someone with bacne can opt for at salons or via experts? What are the benefits of redeeming these treatments?

This condition is triggered by factors like dandruff, heat, hormones, genetics, and can appear post-waxing. There are many treatments available for bacne—one of them being a ‘back-facial’ that includes all the steps of a facial (like cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration, and mask/peel-application to dry out the acne). Peels help tremendously in reducing acne—mainly Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid-based ones.

The Plasma Energy Anti Acne Treatment™️ is an amazing treatment to help get rid of the bacteria that causes acne as well as dandruff. It harnesses the energy of Plasma—the fourth state of matter—to deliver revolutionary result for acne.

If your bacne is persistent, try using a (homecare) product containing Azelaic Acid or Tea Tree Oil. There are various soaps available in the market with potent formulations that can act as preventers of bacne.

Who should opt for packages like this—and who shouldn’t?

Everybody can opt for packages like these. At AgeLess, we offer packages like the previously-mentioned Plasma Energy Anti Acne Treatment™️ to dry up the acne; lightening peels to lighten the marks coupled with laser; and brightening facials such as AgeLess Wishpro Facial™️ and HydraFacial which work very well for the back. It’s always advisable to consult an expert before opting for any treatment.

For people with sensitive skin, we tailor-make plans for them—bearing in mind the nature of their skin. One thing that’s important to note is that recurrent acne is equivalent to recurrent marks. While in-clinic treatments work effectively, we also need to work on the prevention of acne via homecare. 

The back is a part of the body we don’t pay much attention to. How do you suggest we care for our backs at home—a specific regimen at all?

Most of us end up focusing more on our faces as far as skincare is concerned. Our back needs some amount of TLC too. Here’s how you can care for your back at home:

  • Opt for a gentle non-comedogenic body-cleanser.
  • Exfoliate your back a minimum of two times a week.
  • Opt for Laser Hair Reduction instead of waxing to keep the skin smooth & hair-free.
  • Moisturise your back.
  • Hydrate your body (dryness can lead to acne too).
  • Include probiotics in your diet in the form of fermented food, and add probiotic supplements to your routine.
  • Bathe twice a day—especially if you’re living in a humid city like Mumbai.
  • Take a shower right after your workout.
  • Use a Tea Tree or neem-based soap/body-wash.
  • Keep your scalp clean to avoid dandruff.
  • If you tend to sweat a lot, use an antiperspirant powder before you go for a workout.
  • To prevent your marks from growing darker, do apply sunscreen if you’re going to be exposing that part of your body to the sun.
  • Do not let conditioner sit on your back.

But can you remove bacne via surgery?

I went on to ask Dr. Shilpi Bhadani, Specialist Plastic Surgeon and Founder, SB Aesthetics, Gurugram, if there’s any way to extract or remove acne from the back via surgery. She said, “For active acne, there’s no surgical treatment per se; but for acne-related scars, there are. These are best left to a plastic surgeon.”

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21 Jun 2022

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