7 Essential Tips To Rock A Backless Blouse On Your Wedding Functions!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  Mar 26, 2018
7 Essential Tips To Rock A Backless Blouse On Your Wedding Functions!


You’re so done with the same old, boring blouse patterns aren’t you? It really is time to take your blouse game up a few notches, especially for your wedding! And what better way to do that than with a super interesting back. Now we know what you’re thinking, how do you get a back that’s smooth, bright and oh-so sexy? Don’t stress, ‘coz we got your back, literally! We give you some useful tips for the brides-to-be, to help you rock a backless blouse and wow on your special day!

1. Follow a back care regime

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We’re all guilty of not paying enough attention to our back while we take a shower. So first things first, your back needs a proper cleanse. You can follow a back care regime just a week before you need to get into that backless blouse. Get a good exfoliator, depending on your skin type, to scrub away those dead skin cells, helping your skin glow from within. Do it twice or thrice before the event.

2. Moisturize

Right after exfoliation, we suggest you cleanse and moisturize your back, as it will prevent your skin from getting dry or irritable and make it smooth and desirable.

3. Your last moment fix – self tanner or a concealer

You may not have a week’s time to prepare your back for that oh-so-hot moment. That’s when a self tanner or a concealer comes to your rescue to hide an uneven tan or marks on your back. Nothing can stop you from flaunting a sexy back!

4. Get your innerwear on point

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The most common problem you face while going for a backless blouse is getting the innerwear right. No one wants visible bra straps to ruin an otherwise fabulous outfit and you obviously don’t want to go chest-commando. If you don’t have in-built cups in your blouse then the best thing to do is to get a silicone adhesive bra, don’t worry, they really don’t slip off.

5. Keep your hair game strong

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You have chosen that backless blouse to flaunt your back, and not to hide it by wearing your hair down, right? Opt for messy updos, low buns, or pretty side braids. Trust us, you are bound to make head turns.

6. Go minimal with the jewels

Backless blouses have their own charm, so don’t let heavy jewels overshadow that. A dainty necklace will look better than chunky chokers and finish your look with simple statement earrings. Let your back do all the talking!

7. Stand up straight and be confident

You have worked really hard on your back to make it flawless and desirable so flaunt it and don’t be shy. Wear your confidence, chin up, body straight and be ready to stun people with your style and charisma.

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