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4 Genius Baby Wipe Uses That Will Make Your Life Easy

4 Genius Baby Wipe Uses That Will Make Your Life Easy

Along with diapers, baby wipes are an essential item that every household with babies should have. Baby wipes have multipurpose cleaning uses, and sometimes, even go beyond wiping your little one’s tushy. But since the primary purpose of these wipes is to keep your little one’s diaper area clean and dry, you should pay special attention to the ingredients present in them. This is because some baby wipes are formulated with chemical ingredients, such as parabens and sulphates that can irritate your munchkin’s delicate skin and cause discomfort. Hence, to avoid any kind of skin irritation and rashes, you should opt for baby wipes that are infused with natural, plant-based, and hypoallergenic ingredients.

We give you a breakdown of the best baby wipe uses as well as what to look for while purchasing a baby wipe for your little one. 


4 Essential Baby Wipe Uses

Essential Baby Wipe Uses
You can use baby wipes to clean your munchkin’s diaper area, and even hands, face, and feet

Learning how to choose the best baby skincare products is essential, but so is understanding the correct usage of the products. This can make every parent’s job easier, and also avoid discomfort and fussiness in the baby. With that said, let’s look at some of the most essential baby wipe uses:

Cleaning Your Baby’s Diaper Area

Your baby’s skin is in constant contact with the diaper, which can frequently lead to diaper rashes. Moreover, not cleaning your baby’s bum properly can leave behind residual urea or poop and can lead to severe infections and pain. Hence, use the baby wipes to gently, yet thoroughly clean your baby’s diaper area and remove any dirt or urine residue. The baby wipe will help hydrate and heal your little one’s skin, and also protect against diaper rashes. 


You can also use the baby wipes to clean your hands once you are done with the diaper change.

After wiping their tushy clean, apply a diaper rash cream all over their diaper area to relieve discomfort. Make sure the diaper rash contains healing ingredients like zinc oxide, moringa oil, calendula oil, and chamomile oil that boast antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe diaper rashes and its associated symptoms, such as redness and inflammation.


Wiping Your Baby’s Hands And Face

Babies have super-delicate skin which makes them prone to rashes and irritation easily. This also means that every time your baby’s hands or face get dirty, you cannot clean them with soap, as it will only make their skin irritated and dry. Instead, you can use baby wipes to wipe their hands and face clean whenever required. Also, good-quality baby wipes usually contain skin-friendly ingredients that will keep your munchkin’s skin hydrated and soft.

Another benefit of baby wipes is that they are extremely easy to carry around. So if your little one gets their hands dirty when you are outside, you can just reach for a wipe and clean their hands stress-free. 


Cleaning Your Baby’s Pacifier

Cleaning your baby’s pacifier properly is essential, as they frequently put them inside their mouths. One efficient way to clean your munchkin’s pacifier is by using a baby wipe to disinfect the pacifier and then washing it with water thoroughly. After that, you can dry it and give it to your child.

Wiping Your Baby’s Plastic Toys

Your little one’s plastic toys may accumulate dust and germs easily as they are mostly kept on the floor. Hence, it’s important to clean them regularly, so that there is no risk of germ transfer to your baby. You can use a baby wipe to cleanse your munchkin’s toys and remove dirt and germs from them. After cleaning the toys meticulously, throw out the wipe and give the clean toy to your little one.


How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes?

Best Baby Wipes
Make sure to use baby wipes that are formulated with an infusion of essential oils and plant-based extracts

Here are some essential factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a baby wipe.

  • Ingredients: Always look for baby wipes infused with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. Avoid baby wipes filled with fragrances, chemicals, and dyes. A good option would be using a baby wipe that contains a mix of essential oils and skin-friendly plant-based ingredients.
  • Thickness: Thin baby wipes may tear easily, and hence, it’s better you opt for thicker wipes that offer luxurious softness and require less scrubbing and rubbing.
  • Packaging: Make sure to choose baby wipes that have a lock lid (to ensure long-lasting moistness) and are portable. This will make it easy for you to place the baby wipes in your purse or handbag and carry it when you step out.

The Best Baby Wipes To Opt For

You may consider purchasing the bamboo water wipes from BabyChakra that are made with 99% bamboo water and have an extra-thick design that offers the gentlest care to your baby’s skin. The water wipes also contain additional antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory ingredients like bamboo fibre, aloe vera, jasmine oil, vitamin E, and almond oil that moisturise your baby’s skin, and soothe irritation, and even prevent diaper rashes.


This baby wipe is a perfect blend of refreshing ingredients and you should definitely add this to your cart if you want to provide the gentlest and softest care to your munchkin. 

Baby Wipes Cleaning Uses That Go Beyond Babycare

Baby Wipes Cleaning Uses
You can use baby wipes for other cleaning purposes such as removing makeup, stains, and even cooling off after a sweaty run 

Yes, you read that right, baby wipes cleaning uses go far beyond just keeping your little one’s skin clean and refreshed. Other than babycare, you can use baby wipes for the following tasks:

  • Wiping off your sweat: Going for a long run? Carry a pack of baby wipes to clean your face when you get sweaty and red. The soothing ingredients of the baby wipes will help calm your skin and also remove dirt.
  • Use them to remove stains: Baby wipes also double up as stain removers and work perfectly to clean spilled tea, coffee, or any other food or beverage.
  • Use them as a makeup remover: If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to makeup remover sheets, use a baby wipe to clean your face. The plant-based ingredients in the baby wipes will help soothe your skin and avoid discomfort.
  • It helps soothe your skin: Does your skin get sunburned easily? Carry a set of baby wipes the next time you step outside and wipe it over your skin to reduce redness and inflammation, and soothe your skin.
  • Erase deodorant marks with them: Another super effective way to use a baby wipe is to clean the deodorant marks on your shirts and tops. 

Now you know all the genius baby wipe uses and how to choose the right baby wipe for your little one. Remember, the key here is to choose baby wipes that are formulated with chemical-free, plant-based, and hypoallergenic ingredients that do not irritate your little one’s skin in any way. Also when needed, you can use the baby wipes for many other different cleaning purposes as well. 

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20 Jul 2022
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