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21 Baby GIFs That Sum Up EVERY Office Day Ever

No matter how much we love our work, there are some things about going to office that totally suck. And you wish you could just be a baby all over again. Just so you don’t have to go deal with this. That’s why today we bring you 21 baby GIFs that sum up every EVERY office day. (Okay, some of them are older than babies, but they’re still so cute – and so RIGHT!)


1. When you’re heading in to work, you’re all like…

kid gifs

2. Then as soon as you walk in, your boss hands you last quarter’s report to analyse…

kid gifs

3. You finish it, though. Because, DUH, you’re awesome!

kid gifs

4. And then your boss says, “Oops, that was the wrong file, the figures hadn’t been updated…”

baby gifs (5)

5. “… You’ll have to do it again.”

baby gifs (6)

6. And you do it again. Because, AGAIN, you’re AWESOME.

baby gifs (21)

7. And once you’re done, your boss says “Well done!”

kid gifs

8. You start eating your lunch to celebrate. And someone tells you that the team meeting’s starting early…

baby gifs (16)

9. And at that meeting, your jackass colleague comes up with the World’s. Worst. Idea. And because your boss loves her, you have to be like…

kid gifs

10. Even though inside your head you’re like…

baby gifs (20)

11. And then they tell you that YOU have to execute that thing…

kid gifs

12. …and could you be extra-careful about it, ‘cause there was an error in the last project, which delayed it by a week?

baby gifs (10)

13. Even though it wasn’t even your fault!

kid gifs

14. Then everyone goes off for a team lunch, while you have to sit and update the stupid minutes of the stupid meeting while eating your now-cold lunch.

baby gifs (3)

15. But hey, having lunch in office can be awesome. Because, you know, GOSSIP!

baby gifs (18)

16. Really juicy gossip too!

kid gifs

17. And then your boss messages to say she has a meeting and won’t be back all afternoon! YAYYY!

baby gifs (23)

18. But then you start to get worried. ‘Cause you really need to ask about that holiday you wanna take…

baby gifs (11)

19. She comes back. Leave request DENIED.

baby gifs (15)

20. “Why do you need so many days off?” she asks. “It’s almost like you don’t like coming to office!”

kid gifs

21. And then, FINALLY, once she’s done yelling, your day is OVER! You can ESCAPE!

baby gifs (8)

GIFs: tumblr, giphy

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06 May 2016

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