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5 Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthier Body & Skin That Glows From Within!

5 Ayurvedic Tips For A Healthier Body & Skin That Glows From Within!

During the pandemic wave, it’s important to not just take care of your health, but those around you too. Start with social distancing. This keeps you and those around you safe. Second, wash your hands and avoid touching your face often. Third, find ways to boost your immunity. This could be cleaning up your diet, exercising, meditating, drinking plenty of water, getting enough of rest – do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy body. You can also raise the bar higher by switching to an Ayurvedic lifestyle. 

5 Ayurvedic Ways To Boost Your Immunity & Energy Levels

‘Coz it’s the need of the hour. 

Give Yourself A Body Massage

Remember ladies, a happy body is a healthy body. As you know, staying at home isn’t as blissful as it sounds. Worries about your future, the health of your family and friends, the rise of COVID-19 cases every day – all of it can eat into your mental health. What you need to do is first, breathe – relax as much as possible. Every couple of hours, take a few deep breaths in and out. Secondly, opt for a daily massage. Think sesame and sunflower oil. Both these oils have the power to relax your tense muscles and nourish your skin. Do this once in the morning and once at night for a calmer, happier you. You can do this after a shower to maximise penetration of the oil into your skin.

Watch What You Eat


Ayurveda believes that you are what you eat. In order to make an ayurvedic diet plan, you must know what’s your dosha first. Everyone has three energies in them – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When all three doshas are aligned and running smoothly, your body remains healthy. If there is an imbalance, your immunity system, hair and skin take a hit.

If you feel anxious and hyperactive, your dosha is Vata. If this energy overpowers the other two, you could have a problem with controlling emotions, sitting in one place and breathing properly. Foods you can eat to stabilize your energy are warm milk, hot cereal, herbal teas, butter, nuts, lean meat and fresh fruits. 

If you get angry easily, grow impatient often and want to live life on your own terms, your dosha is Pitta. If this energy overpowers the other two, you could have a problem with sleeping, heartburn, skin inflammations, hair fall and indigestion. Foods you should be eating are pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, chickpeas, tofu, seafood, brown rice, sweet and bitter veggies. 

If you feel lethargic, overweight and sleepy often, your dosha is Kapha. If this energy overpowers the other two, you could have a problem with skin inflammation, dehydrated skin, dry and frizzy hair. Lightly cooked veggies, barley, corn, skim milk, lean meat, flaxseeds and spices are good for your system. 

Make Bathing A Sacred Ritual

For your body to heal and become stronger, it’s important to take time when having a bath. Bathe with Epsom salts and include essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, pine, cedar and ginger. You’ll come out of the shower feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed. 

Nap Your Way To Pretty Skin


Even though you don’t have to wake up early to travel to work, it does not mean that you stay up late. In order for the skin to repair and heal from the day’s stress, you’ve got to give your body at least 8-9 hours of rest. If you’re having trouble sleeping, pour some lavender oil on your pillowcase so that you can get better rest. Or if you’re feeling crafty, make yourself a DIY pillow mist!

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Make An Immunity Boosting Mojito

According to Dr. Taruna Yadav from Forest Essentials, you can make a mojito at home sans the vodka and include only healthy ingredients that will boost your immunity and improve your complexion. Here’s her recipe “Ingredients: 4-5 Fresh Tulsi (Holy Basil) Leaves, 1 tsp Honey, 1/2 Lemon, 120 ml Earthen cooled water. Method: Hand crush the tulsi leaves and place it in the glass. Squeeze the lemon and pour the cold water. Drizzle the honey and stir it all together.” 

Jaypee Hotels and Resorts also have a healthy detox drink recipe that they like to call the ‘Great Immunity Booster’ To make it, you’ve got to wash together 3 carrots, 1 beetroot 1 orange and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Make a juice of it and drink it first thing in the morning. 



Whether it’s eating, drinking or sleeping your way to pretty skin and gorgeous hair, the Ayurvedic approach will help your body become stronger and healthier. 

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08 Apr 2020

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