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India’s Best-Kept Secret: A Beginner-Friendly Guide To An Ayurvedic Haircare Routine

India’s Best-Kept Secret: A Beginner-Friendly Guide To An Ayurvedic Haircare Routine

The hair care industry can be broadly classified into two parts. One part includes modernized ingredients that are formulated to deliver instantaneous results. And another part constitutes age-old techniques with simple blends that deliver powerful results over a period of time. When talking about the latter, the Indian haircare market thrives on the popular concept of Ayurvedic ingredients.

Ayurvedic hair care and skincare is an age-old concept that the Indian community follows religiously. Ayurvedic ingredients are one of the most power-packed superfoods for hair and skin, and hence, rightly hyped. Today we will look at Ayurvedic hair care products, ingredients, and techniques that have proved time and again the significance of our traditional nuskhas.

The Ayurveda Way


Ayurveda believes that the human body is made up of a combination of three energies, which are called doshas. Due to different combinations of doshas, people tend to have different hair types. When these doshas are imbalanced, is when a person experiences hair and scalp issues. Holistic Ayurvedic care focuses on keeping dosha levels balanced. Ayurvedic hair care products focus on providing natural care with minimal harm. If you’re wondering which is the best Ayurvedic product for hair, list down your hair type and concerns, and look for Ayurvedic ingredients that are suitable for the same.

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The Weekly Champi

According to Ayurveda, our scalp consists of vital energy relieving points that are called ‘Marmas’. A regular oil massage for these energy-releasing points can help in maintaining optimum scalp health, and therefore, healthier hair. Ayurvedic hair oils are formulated with rich ingredients like bringadi, amla, and indigo. These Ayurvedic ingredients help in providing soothing energy relief and nourish the hair and scalp.

A Gentle Wash


An unwashed, or dirty scalp can result in an imbalance of doshas, and therefore, hair and scalp problems. Ayurvedic hair care techniques focus on fundamental cleanliness and promote regular, yet gentle hair washes. Ayurvedic shampoos include ingredients like bhringraj and shikakai. These Ayurvedic ingredients are known to be nature’s cleansers and offer a gentle cleanse.

After Wash Care

Hair conditioning is an important step, in every haircare technique. Ayurvedic conditioners include naturally nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, moringa, hibiscus, and jatanmasi. Protecting your hair from external factors like pollution, heat products, and bacteria is also an important part of this technique.

If you’re someone who still needs some convincing to opt for Ayurvedic hair care products, here is a simple yet effective, non-Ayurvedic hair care:

IDK about you, but I’m already searching for Ayurvedic ingredients for my hair type!

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17 Sep 2021

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